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MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection!!!

I did quite a few Mac purchases within the last week. I bought four items from the Spring Colour Forecast Collection. I'm so happy that Spring is right around the corner because I'm sick of the snow and I can't wait to wear the new makeup colors. I bought from the Spring Colour 2 Coral collection and Spring Colour 3 Plum collection.

I bought the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre. It's gorgeous and already sold out on the Mac website. The blush has two tones, peach and coral that can be worn together to create a beautiful look or the lighter peach color can be worn as a highlight and the darker coral color can be worn as a contouring color. The price is $25 a few dollars more than the normal Mac blushes but you get a larger size than the normal blush size and it's well worth it! I also bought the Kumquat Lip glass ($14) it's a frosted tangerine color. It's very pretty. I see myself wearing this with a chestnut lip liner or even a pretty berry lip liner like Currant.

Sam Fine Beauty Basics DVD!

I love, love, love this DVD. I subscribed to Sam Fine's mailing list on his website about a year ago and I was so excited about him making a DVD on makeup beauty basics. Sam Fine has an amazing talent in sculpting faces and using natural and neutral colors in his makeup application. This DVD is actually a follow up to his book (which I have also) "Fine Beauty Basics and Beyond for African American Women."

The title and book imply that the book is for African American women but every nationality can benefit from his knowledge and expertise. The DVD is about 60 minutes. He explains the proper tools that we need to create the flawless and seamless look and he also performs three live makeovers on the DVD and so much more! He explains the natural, trendsetter and the classic beauty looks. This is an AWESOME DVD! If you want to know the basics to apply makeup or want to become a makeup artist this is a must-have DVD. It can be purchased on Amazon'…

FabJob Guide to Become a Makeup Artist

I love this book so far. It's a MUST HAVE item for anyone who wants a career in the makeup artist industry. I was researching some info on Google about makeup and I came up with this book. I bought it off of Amazon for about $27. The book is packed with info on how to choose a makeup school, application techniques, what to include in your kit to starting your own makeup business and so much more. It even comes with a cd that includes info on invoices, sample forms and checklists! The author is Jennifer James. She's teamed up with several other writers and makeup artists to write this book. Did I mention it has 288 pages?! Yes, it's packed with info! All I can say is go get you a copy!