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It's Time for my Vacay!!!

Hey Glamour Dolls,
It's time for my vacation, woot woot!!!! I'm going on a cruise with my girlfriends, we leave in a few days. We're leaving out of Miami to cruise to: Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico. 
I'll be on vacation for a weeks, so; I won't be posting anything for a while...there may also be a delay in my response to comments, just wanted to give you all a heads up of what's going on.
Thanks to all of you for being so supportive of my blog, I so appreciate everyone's support. Take care and I'll write when I get back :)
Stay Beautiful & Glamorous, Gabriel

Lost LOTD's

I've been wearing minimal makeup lately and haven't had a chance to photograph a LOTD, but; I did find some old  LOTD's in my pictures that I didn't post for one reason or another. Here are a few, some are really old. I'll try to describe what I was wearing the best than I can :)


I did this look early in the year, the shadows that I used is one of my "go-to" eyeshadow combos when I'm in a hurry. I wore Mac Antiqued, Embark and Blanc Type eyeshadows...all three shadows compliment any skin tone.


This is the makeup I wear to work when I feel like applying it... it consists of concealer, powder, mascara and my beloved Viva Glam Gaga 1 lipstick. I love that lipstick SO much! I should have bought two when I had the chance.


This is my most recent look, I was going out that day and wanted to wear a full face of makeup. I had on my usual concealer and powder, Urban Decay Flash (purple) shadow and I used a gold shadow fr…

Quick Beauty Tip for the Budget Divas

Makeup removal can be so irritating to remove, when I get home I just want to crash but not before I remove my makeup. There are plenty of makeup removers out there from: makeup removal wipes to liquid and cream makeup removals.

One of my best kept secrets is... I use baby wipes to remove my makeup. I used to buy to makeup wipes and they did the job, but they can be expensive- $6-$8 for 30 wipes and some brands are even more expensive than that. I thought, why am I using makeup wipes when I can use baby wipes. If baby wipes are gentle enough for a baby's butt, they're gentle enough to use for my face.

They're also cheaper, I can get 80-90 wipes for $3 or less.  I'm not particular about any brand-I normally just buy the store brand. They're made with some of the same cleansing ingredients and moisture properties in makeup wipes since they're used to clean a baby's bottom :) I also use these in my kit as makeup wipes for my clients.

Just a quick tip that I …

I'm Kreatively Humbled...

I'm truly humbled, this is my third blog award... I can't believe my blog is liked that much. I won the Kreative Blogger award from Miss Dre at ...So She Writes...

Miss Dre's blog is in a class all it's own, she writes about beauty, music and self-improvement. She covers a bit of everything! What I really love about her blog is... she puts the thoughts in your head on paper, from friend enemies to forgiveness. I told her before that she really needs to be working for an inspirational column, she writes what you're feeling but don't want to admit to yourself at times. Check her out!

The rules of the blog are to list 7 random things about yourself and tag 7 other bloggers.. I've shared so many random things about myself on the other awards; so, I, omitted that part. I couldn't stop at 7 bloggers, I had to list more :)

I tag:


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