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Eyeshadow Haul....

Hey, Dolls!

I've been hauling again, the last two months I picked up some new eyeshadow palettes that were on sale and a couple of pigments. If I never buy another eyeshadow or pigment ever again, I will be set for life but yet I keep on buying... (shrugs) I can't resist a sale or a brightly, pigmented eyeshadow.

Here's what I bought...


Every now and then Coastal Scents will have a really good sale on palettes and they were offering this palette for $7.95 each, it's regularly $14.95. The Creative Me #1 palette consists of 12 matte shades, the shades are good for those who love brightly colored looks. I have a friend who is also a MUA and she's used this palette before on photo shoots...she said it worked really well.

I bought two, one for myself and one for my kit. I swatched all 12 shades. The first row is kinda iffy, the shades don't swatch that well  and their chalky (you'll definitely need a white base for the first …