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The Bucket List Haul!

Hello Glamour Dolls,

As usual, I purchased most of the items because of sales that I couldn't pass up. This will be my last haul for a while because I have a true excess of everything and I have hit my makeup bucket list. I will share with you my bucket list items later on in the post. As usual, my hauls include mini reviews. If you would like a full review on an item, leave a comment. Read on for the deets.

Wink and Pout

I've blogged about Kym Lee before and her own personal makeup brand and how much I like the products. Kym Lee always has a good sale. I bought two lipsticks from her and three glosses. I bought Red Bottoms lipstick, which is a burgundy-red with red sparkles.

I also bought Empire Red (which is named after the show). Kym Lee is also Taraji P. Henson's makeup artist on the show, Empire! Incidentally, part of the proceeds of the Empire lipstick goes to Taraji's personal charity. I also bought three glosses. I bought G-String (clear with sparkles), Love Str…