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Sigma Brush Giveaway ends tomorrow night!!!!!

Today is Thursday, December 30th, 2010. The Sigma Brush giveaway ends tomorrow night at 11:59pm eastern time! Are you entered in the contest? If not, enter now! If you've entered and want more entries you can blog about the contest on your blog (if you have one) and receive 2 additional entries when you put your blog url in the comment section. If you've already blogged about the contest, you already have 3 entries, which is the maximum of entries.

The winner will be announced on Moday 1/3/2011. Best wishes to all!!! I cant wait to see who will win the Sigma Brush!

There are 2 more giveaways from other beauty bloggers that are ending today and tomorrow. Check under the "Giveaways and Contest" page for details!

My 50 followers giveaway will be posted in a few weeks...stay tuned :)

My Top Beauty Products of 2010

Thanks to everyone who voted in this poll, the majority voted that "yes," I should do a post on my top beauty products of 2010. So, here are the products that I've been in love with for this year and can't get enough of using them.


I have fell back in love with Victoria's Secret Garden lotions. I used to buy these all the time years ago, in every fragrance but I stopped because I became a consultant for a self care and wellness company and I started using their body moisturizers... that company is closed now, so I went back to using these lotions. They smell beautifully and they make your body, especially my hands feel like silk. My favorite scent is Love Spell. I have had these bottles for a little while now... Victoria's Secret doesn't make the bottles like this anymore.

There is a new natural, skin care and wellness company that came out a few years ago called Soul Purpose. They are a direct sales company, meaning you can get their pro…

I've reached 50 followers!!!!!!!!

Hey Ladies,

Yesterday, I reached 50 followers, yay!!!!!! I'm so excited. My little blog has come a looonnngggg way and it's still coming along. I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my blogging appreciative heart for following, posting comments, entering giveaways, blogging about my giveaways and reading my posts. I appreciate all of you and I'm so VERY grateful!

I will be having a 50 followers giveaway very soon. I'm in the process of getting new transportation so my funds are limited, but please look for the 50 followers giveaway sometime in January. I promise I won't forget and it will be worth your while. Feel free to vote on what you would like in the giveaway on my poll on the upper right corner.

 Hugs to all of you :)

Stay beautiful, glamorous and classy!

Thrifty Fall Fashion-Boots

I did a previous post about how much I love wearing boots, especially this time of the year when it's very cold. These are another of my favorite boots from my boot collection. I actually bought these from a Thrift store in my area. Believe it or not, I love shopping at Thrift stores. There really have GREAT deals from all sorts of designers. I mostly shop for clothing while I'm there but occasionally I do find shoes.

These boots were gently used when I bought them and they couldn't have been no more than $8. I checked the inside tag and the boots are originally from Wet Seal. I never bought shoes from Wet Seal but I know they have some really cute clothes.

As you can see they are brown, calf-length and pointed toed. I love pointed toed shoes... to me, pointed toed shoes are always fashionable. I wore them with a long skirt yesterday but they also look good with boot-cut jeans.

Look of the Day-Feeling Blue... but I wore Red!

I did this look yesterday. I wasn't feeling in the best mood yesterday and whenever I don't feel good- I wear the color red... to me it's better than wearing black or blue when I'm down and since I couldn't wear my red dress, I had to settle for red lipstick.  I was rushing when I did this look (I forgot to put on mascara) and I intended it to be very simple... and it was.

Products Used

FACE -Makeup for Ever Invisible HD foundation in 173 -Elf Candid Coral blush on apples of my cheeks
EYES -shimmer beige color from the 88 neutral palette on my lid -matte beige color from the 88 neutral palette as my highlight -Mac Painterly paint pot as my eye base -Mac Engraved power point pencil as eye liner -Elf brow kit in medium (not pictured)
LIPS -Loreal Infallible lip color: Beyonce Red

Look of the Day- My 10 minute face (Detailed)

I'm not a morning person... and I'm constantly hitting the snooze button, constantly rushing and always forgetting something and I never have time to put on any makeup but since I have so much makeup that desperately needs to be used...I had to find a makeup routine that would be quick and easy and would take me less than 10 minutes to apply it either before I go to work or at work in my office. I've finally mastered the routine. So here it goes.

First, I do NOT wear a full-face of makeup to work every day because honestly I don't have the time and because I think it's important to give your skin breaks from wearing makeup all the time. Plus, I don't want people seeing me without makeup and not being able to recognize me. We've all seen celebrities without makeup at one time and thought " that them?" Yeah, I don't want people saying the same about me without makeup.

Second, I have a designated "work makeup" stash, meaning I …

November Makeup Haul-Lips,Cheeks and Brushes

This is the second post of my November makeup haul. I picked up a few more things from a few brands that I've been meaning to try for a while.


Every since I saw Beyonce' in the L'oreal commercial I wanted to try this lip color. I wanted to see if the 16 hour- never fail color would live up to it's claim. I love this color! I lost my Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and I was very upset but now that I have this color, I could care less about finding my Ruby Woo lipstick. This red is an excellent dupe for Ruby Woo, I actually like it better than Ruby Woo. I purchased it from Target for $8.99. I saw it at CVS and it was priced for $13.99... Target is the best bet. I could go on and on about this lipstick but I'm going to save it for my review with pictures.


I've also been meaning to try cream blushes forever, but I was always apprehensive about applying it since cream can be more concentrated than powder at times. I decided to tr…

November Makeup Haul-Eyes

I did a pretty decently sized makeup haul in November. I usually don't buy this much makeup in a month but... again I wanted to purchase makeup from a few brands that I've been meaning to try for years, yes...years! Also, I will be budgeting my money more for the month of December and the next few months, so makeup purchases will have to take a break for a least until the Spring, we'll see :) Anyway, this will be a 2 part post because I didn't want to cram everything I bought into 1 post. This post will be eye makeup purchases and the second post will be lips, cheeks and brushes.

I've been meaning to try Bslap cosmetics for years now, every since I saw the eyeshadow paint wheels on you tube. The palette was $20 and you get to your 5 desired colors.
The colors are pigmented. The orange and bright blue are amazingly pigmented. I think the bright blue is my favorite out of all the colors (it's sold out on the website now).T…

Beauty Products of 2010?

Hello Beautiful Followers,

Please let me know if you think I should do a post the end of this month on my top beauty products of 2010. Vote on my poll on the right and let me know...

Your support is appreciated!

All the Best,

Yay??? or Nay????

Lipgloss of the Month

I changed the lip gloss of the week to the lip gloss of the month. My featured lip gloss that I'm wearing all this week is Milani's Taboo. This is one of my better makeup purchases from Target. I bought it for $3.99. I thought it was coral-berry color in the store but it's pink with gold reflects. It's very pretty and the best thing is it doesn't feel sticky on my lips. This color is a good dupe for Mac Pinkarat lip glass! 

Lipstick Haul & Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Sooo... last month in October I went crazy with lipsticks, mind you-I'm a lip gloss girl, so why did I buy new lipsticks when I have about a dozen that I don't wear that much? Beats me, but the real reason is because I wanted to purchase lipsticks from other brands. All of my lipsticks are from Mac so I wanted to broaden my horizons.

Anyway, I bought 1 lipstick from Black Radiance, 1 from Wet n Wild and 2 lipsticks from Iman. It was my first time purchasing these lipsticks from all three brands. I can honestly say that all of the lipsticks were very moisturizing and the color doesn't fade after wearing it for a few hours. The prices ranged from .99 cent to $9.00.

Iman Wild Thing lipstick ($9) pictured below: This is my favorite lipstick right now. The camera doesn't do it justice but it's a plum berry-wine color it's beautiful!

Iman Saffron lipstick ($9) pictured below: This is another gorgeous color. It's a pretty gold color. It looks great alon…

Review of Optimum Care Shampoo and Conditioner

A few months ago I did a post on Essence magazine's Insiders program. For the original post click here. The Insider's program sent me two sets of samples of the new and improved formula of Optimum Care shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair to test and review. I've already sent my comments of the product to the Insider's program but I also wanted to review it here on my blog.

My hair is thick and chemically relaxed with a relaxer. I don't have much split ends but I do have breakage in the middle of my head due to the way I comb it and sometimes that same area gets extremely matted. My stylist is always getting on me about that. So, when I learned that the Optimum Care samples were for damaged hair it really peaked my interest.

-Replenishing Shampoo: pampers and replenishes hair, providing instant breakage reduction for smoother, stronger, healthier hair.

-Fortifying Conditioner: patented with Dual Strength Complex, a unique combinatio…

Fall Fashion -Boots

I'm not a fan of cold weather but I love Fall/Winter fashion. I have always loved boots every since I can remember. Every Fall season, I always buy at least 2 or 3 new pairs of boots. Here are my favorite shoe boots that I'm wearing now. I actually bought these last year at Bare Feet Shoes, but I really started wearing them this year. I was browsing Bare Feet shoes website today and they still have shoe boots like these in stock and under $35.

They are cut-out, suede with a 2 inch stilletto heel. I love these because I can wear them with dresses, skirts and jeans and they always look good. I saw a couple of pairs of cute boots that I would like to get this week. Stay tuned for the next Fall Fashion post :)