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Before Meets After.... Drab 2 Fab Hair Makeover!

Hey Glamour Dolls,

A couple of posts ago I said that I got a new look... and here it is!!!



I got a pixie cut, it's a short hair style that is flat on the sides and back and about three inches of hair on the top. I LOVE this hair cut! This is the shortest I've had my hair. I've been planning on cutting my hair since last Fall, I wanted to wait until the weather was nicer to get it cut.
I cut it because my hair had some breakage in the crown and split ends almost up to the roots. I don't see a need in trying to salvage hair that is badly damaged, sometimes you just need to start off fresh -plus it was time for a change. I was wearing the same cherry cola red rinse in my hair since I was 19, I decided to let that go too. I now have an Ebony Black rinse in my hair and a little cherry cola red at the top, that was my stylist's idea :)


The pixie cut style is not new, I had several inspirations for this hairstyle. My very first inspiration is ano…

IMATS: The Experience! (Detailed, Long and Pic Heavy) Part I

Hey Glamour Dolls,

How are you all?!

Things are getting back to normal for me, thank goodness, I can now get back to the things I actually enjoy. I've missed blogging :)

This is my very late IMATS post, I know some of you all attended IMATS and others have heard about it, here are my thoughts on the event.

Amazing! I loved every bit of IMATS! Lots of people? Yes! Long lines? Not as much. Would I go again? Yes!

The show was sold out both days, so of course there were tons of people. Some of  the IMATS attendees thought it was best to get there early so that they could get a head start on everything... of course everyone else had that same idea -so I heard that there were long lines when the doors first opened up, some even said the lines were wrapped around.

My friends and I arrived later on both days. Saturday, we got to the show around 11am and Sunday we got there around 2pm, on both days we didn't experience any lines getting in to the show, we were able…

Girl Rates World Giveaway!

Hey Glamour Dolls,

I'm spreading the word on another great giveaway by my blogger friend, Girl Rates World! She has a great beauty blog featuring product reviews on makeup and beauty products. I love that most, if not all of her reviews feature inexpesive products.

Check out her blog and follow! Don't be a silent follower, feel free to comment on her posts :) Your thoughts and input will be appreciated.

Please check my "Giveaways" page for the details on her giveaway.

Life Happens Part II

Hey Glamour Dolls,

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" (by John Lennon) this quote is describing my life perfectly right now.

I had a really FUN time at IMATS and on my mini vacation a week ago! I made lots of purchases and took plenty of pics, of course right after I took all of my pics from my trip-my camera decides to stop working. Thankfully, I have everything saved on my memory card but my replacement camera will not arrive until another week or so... that's why I haven't uploaded any new posts.

I may do a few posts with my camera phone (maybe? maybe not?) it depends on what the quality of the pics look like.

I really miss blogging :(      Just wanted to update you all on what's happening with me.

Stay Beautiful and Glamorous,

P.S. I've got a new look... I can't wait for you all to see.

L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminating Mascara Review

Hey Glamour Dolls,

I'm back with another review. This will be my last post for a little while because I'll be heading out of town for IMATS New York this Friday YAY! (which is completely SOLD OUT!) and I'm also taking a mini vacation, so I will be on a brief blogger hiatus. I will be back with plenty more reviews, LOTD's and of course my IMATS haul and experiences.

Here are my thoughts on the L'oreal Double Extend Illuminating mascara...


"L'Oreal introduces Double Extend Eye Illuminator, a two-step lengthening mascara professionally developed to illuminate your eyes. Black mascara infused with a hint of color adds volume and length to lashes while intensifying eyes. Illuminating top coat infused with light-reflecting pearls highlights your eye color with our exclusive sphere tip brush."

1. Apply the black mascara to lengthen lashes and intesify. (The black has a hint of color.)
2. Apply top coat.

-You get two mascaras in …

L'oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Review

As some of you may know I received the L'oreal One Sweep eyeshadow to review, the thought behind the eyeshadow is to apply all three colors in one sweep with the curved applicator brush included in the compact. 
The one sweep eyeshadow was designed to eliminate the need to apply the three steps in normal eyeshadow application, which includes: a highlight color, crease color and lid color. These are my thoughts...

"The unique applicator is designed to fit your eye shape to define, color and highlight your eyes in one easy sweep. The beautifully coordinated shadows come in natural or playful palettes expertly designed to enhance your eye color. Discover your stunning look!"

1. Fit curve of applicator  to the curve of the powder. Apply darkest shade closest to the lash line. Sweep down.
2.Sweep across right eyelid.
3. Apply powder to the opposite side of the applicator and sweep across the left eyelid.

-The palette comes with three colors t…

Products that I'm currently Loving! (LONG)

I try not to post on topics that are so popular like the "My monthly faves" edition that a lot of bloggers and You Tube gurus do (nothing wrong with posting about your faves) but I just try to switch things up a bit, but; I can't help spreading the word on these products... I may not post about my faves every month but every once in a while I would like to share products that I can't get enough of using. Here are some of them!

Mac Oil Control Lotion- It's spring time again, even though I'm still dealing with winter temperatures in my area, my skin is starting to produce more oil like it normally does in the spring time. I've been using the oil control lotion every day as a moisturizer and to combat oil. I really like it because it works and over time it slows down the amount of oil your skin produces. Ambi Fade Cream- I broke out terribly around my mouth and chin in February. My acne always leaves scars and dark spots on my face, so I have to resort to usi…

My Personal Do's and Don'ts of Makeup

I borrowed this great idea from my blogger friend, Jess, from Weighing Down on Beauty. Thanks again Jess for letting me use this idea! I, along with her and probably many others believe that there are makeup rules out there, we respect them but we don't always agree with them or follow them.

There are some rules that I do follow religiously as far as specific makeup application and improving makeup endurance but there are others that I bend and flex a little. This is just my personal list, don't feel like you have to follow any of my do's and dont's. Keep doing what works for you :)

I DON'T wear a full face of makeup every day (maybe gloss, mascara and eyeshadow).I DON'T line my waterline. I DON'T always set my foundation with powder.I DON'T use a face primer regularly.I DON'T always conceal my dark circles or blemishes, sometimes I like to let my imperfections show plus I don't want my face looking to perfect. I DON'T apply ma…