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I'm Hitting Pan...Are you?

Yay!!! I'm finally hitting pan on lipstick! For those that don't know, hitting pan means that you've used a product so much that you can start to see the inside pan of the container... in other words-you've used the product so much that you're about to run out of it :) I've hit pan on products before but never lipstick.

 Mac "O" lipstick (purplish-red with golden pearl) which is the first lipstick I ever bought from Mac and Viva Glam VI special edition (blue based pink) are the two lipsticks that I'm hitting pan on. "O" I have had forever (shameful, I know) and Viva Glam VI I've had for a year... I've been wearing it to work every day and now it's almost gone. I love Viva Glam VI... I've never been crazy about "O" but it's wearing on me.

Will I Repurchase Them?

No, I have too many other lipsticks (at least 20) in my collection that I need to use. The Viva Glam VI SE was a limited edition anyway so I can&#…

I won a Blog Award!

Cocoa from Gettin Cazhmerred tagged me for the lovely blog award...which also happens to be my first blog award. Cocoa is one of my blog sisters. Once you start talking to her, you feel like you've known her for years. 
Cocoa's blog features her beautiful and creative FOTD's which are also featured on her You Tube channel. Even though Cocoa loves beauty, her blog is filled with wonderful inspirational messages and meaningful conversation... she has beauty and brains! Be sure to check out her beauty blog and You Tube channel
The Rules
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself 3. Award 15 blogs 4. Drop them a note and tell them about it Seven Random Things About Me 1. Besides beauty blogs, I love to read my entertainment and celebrity blogs on a daily basis. I check Mediatakeout, Concreteloop and YBF every day. 2. I have a mild version of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I check things habitually like: my blog, Twitter, my Blackbe…

Blue Had Me at Hello Look of the Day

I've had this Wet and Wild palette since last November and never used it, I took it out last night and started playing with it... it's an 8 pan palette but I used all of the colors on the right side. This is my favorite Wet n Wild palette, the turquoise is so beautiful. I love turquoise eyeshadow, it's almost a rival for my Inglot turquoise shadow.

I had fun doing this look, it got me excited about makeup again. I was feeling blaze' about it for a while...



-Elf brow kit medium
-Mac Rubenesque paint pot as eye base
-Ice blue e/s as highlight
-Turquoise e/s on lid
-Dark blue e/s in crease
-Black e/s in crease to deepen
-Mac Engraved power point eyeliner
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-Red Cherry #1 lashes


-Mufe HD Invisible foundation #173
-Mufe HD concealer #360
-Mufe HD Invisible powder
-Mac Blunt blush


OCC Hootchie lip tar

100 Followers Giveaway Part I (CLOSED)

Hey Glamour Dolls,  Here is part one of my 100 followers giveaway! I'm giving away a new full-sized Sigma F80 Kabuki brush. I gaveaway this item before and it was such a hit, I figured I would give it away again.

What's so great about this brush?

This brush is great for application and blending! You can apply foundation, powder, creams and blush with this brush and because it's a buffer brush it's great for blending foundation and powder on to the skin. This is an ideal brush if you wear liquid foundation.

This brush has replaced all of my other foundation brushes! It's a Sigma top seller brush on their website and it's a great must-have for anyone who is just starting to wear makeup, makeup lovers and even makeup artists.

Contest Rules

1. The contest starts today and ends Monday, July 11, 2011 11:59pm Eastern Time.

2.To be entered in the contest, you must be a follower of this blog through Google Friend Connect and you must leave a comment in this post. Please pu…

Can Makeup Application Really be Perfect?

Hey Glamour Dolls,

While I was doing my makeup yesterday, I thought about all of the gripes that I have with perfecting my makeup routine. Doesn't it always seem like it's something to work on? Something to perfect?

When I look at the work of other makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists, You Tube gurus and fellow bloggers- I think, "wow, their makeup looks perfect!" I never feel that way about my makeup. The funny thing is, when I have clients I hear others say that the client looks really well but I can't seem to duplicate the same thing on myself... at least I don't think so.

I'll share my list of makeup woes that I'm perfecting and feel free to share yours, if you have any!
I'm perfecting my:
False eyelash application
Applying eyeliner with a steady hand so that it doesn't look crooked
Creating a more polished brow

What are you pefecting?

Surfs Up! Look of the Day

This is the LOTD that I did using the Sun Blonde eyeshadow, My Paradise cheek powder and the Hibiscus lipstick from the Mac Surf Baby collection.
I kept the eyes simple because I wanted everyone to be able to see the true color of the Sun Blonde eyeshadow... since the eyes were simple, I added lashes to give it some extra glam.

Yesterday was one of those days that I wasn't feeling my hair, brows, skin or pictures... so I'm only including a few pics... (sighs).



-Mac Painterly paint pot as eye base
-Mac Ricepaper shadow as highlight
-Mac Saddle shadow in crease
-Mac Sun Blonde shadow on lid -Mac Engraved power point pencil on lashline
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-Red Cherry #1 lashes

-Black Opal Truly Topaz creme stick foundation
-Mac Studio Fix C6 powder -Mac My Paradise cheek powder blush
-Nyx Natural lip liner -Mac Hibiscus lip stick

Girl About Town Look of the Day

Hey Glamour Dolls,

Here is a recent LOTD, this was the first time that I've done a full face of makeup (minus the brows, didn't have time for them) in a few weeks... I missed it so much. I feel like I'm a bit rusty but I'm getting back into the swing of things.
I've had Mac Girl About Town lipstick for years and always thought it was to bold to wear but I decided to wear it yesterday and I loved the color! I can't believe I didn't wear it for so long.


EYES -L'oreal Hip Intrepid pigment on my lid
-Mac Saddle and Folie in my crease
-Mac Ricepaper as my highlight
-Mac Undercurrent (teal) pearlglide intense liner on upper lash line
-Urban Decay Zero (black) eye pencil on lower lash line
-L'oreal Voluminous mascara


-Mac Face and Body foundation in C7
-Mac NC45 Studio Finish conealer
-Mac Studio Fix powder in C6
-NYX Bronze Goddess cream blush


-Mac Currant lip liner
-Mac Girl About Town lipstick
-Mac Love Nectar lip glass

I really like th…

Retro City Sunglasses

Hey Glamour Dolls!

I'm so excited that summer is here because I love the warm weather and I love all of the cute clothes... summer just gives me another reason to indulge in accessories and look cute. This years indulgence is sunglasses!

The real story is... I broke my favorite pair of oversized shades and I needed a new pair. Among the dozens of You Tube videos that I watch every month, I saw a video on Retro City Sunglasses. There shades are so cute and fashionable and inexpensive so I bought two pairs.


You can only purchase from Retro City's website. They have all of the latest and trendy shades from: aviators, oversize, cat eye, wayfarer, flat top and mirrored selections. They offer both shades for men and women.

The average pair of shades cost $11.99 and they also have sale items for $8 or less and outlet items for $6 or less. Shipping is only $5.95 and they accept cards as well as paypal for payment. I almost forgot to mention that all of their shades…

Makeup Organization...An attempt!

Hey Glamour Dolls!

I recently had to do some cleaning and destressing and makeup organizing is a way that prevents (at least for me) rushing in the morning. I also did some clothing and jewelry organization so my mornings and nights should be a lot much smoother? Right? Wrong... It's not! I procrastinate and sleep late but that's another story.

Anyway, I went through makeup that I had for years and sadly, I had to throw some away because it was old or either I just wasn't using it. I also gave some away. Surprisingly, I still had makeup that is wrapped in plastic or the boxes it came in... I'm making an effort to shop from my personal collection before buying anything else. Here are the results of my organizing.


The big black case on the right is where the majority of my makeup is, every morning I had to sift  through that to find what I wanted... a lot of times I ended up wearing the same look because I was tired of sifting through all of that to find what I ne…

Sigma E25 Blending Brush Review

An eyeshadow blending brush is must-have in every makeup collection to blend out eyeshadow, harsh lines on your eyes are not cute...blending brushes are not hard to find and you really can never have enough of them. I recently received the Sigma travel sized blending brush and after using it, here are my thoughts on it.


"Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows.    Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines."


-Very affordable, only $9 for the full-sized brush.
-Easy to purchase...can be purchased online from Sigma Beauty.
-The bristles are very dense and can pack on a lot of color and blend shadows effortlessly.
-Small enough to fit in your cosmetic pouch, perfect for travel.


-Because the bristles are white, the shadow tends to stain the bristles.


I like this brush, because it's small I will keep it in my cosmetic bag for my purse. I rea…