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Foundation for WOC (Women of Color)

I'm an avid LOVER and subscriber to Essence magazine! This month's (April 2010) issue has a beauty special on the best foundation for Women of Color. It highlights many of the most concerned foundation topics:

-skin concerns (avoiding breakouts, not looking heavily made up)
-how to pick the best formula for your skin type and your needed coverage
-how to make your foundation last throughout the day
-the proper tools to apply your foundation
-special effect foundations that help with blemishes and anti-aging foundation

The article also lists the foundations and prices that will work best for your budget and skin. I haven't seen a more detailed article about foundation for women of color ever, so this article is definitely worth reading!

If you've liked reading this article in Essence magazine-they have a monthly beauty section covering skin, hair and makeup exclusively for women of color.

Essential Makeup Tools for Beginners to the Advanced

Beautiful and flawless makeup starts with using the right makeup tools! The right tools makes makeup application easier and it also creates a seamless and flawless makeup finish. The right makeup tools also takes the fuss out of makeup removal. If you've just started to use makeup or if you're a pro, here are a list of essential makeup tools that will benefit you.

1. Brushes -Brushes make applying makeup easier and it gives you a precise and flawless application. Price ranges are from $1-$50 depending on the brand that you purchase. Avon, Target's Studio Tools and Sonia Kashuk brushes are price friendly and they are good quality for the those who would like to save money. If you're willing to pay a bit more for your brushes then Mac and Sigma Cosmetic brushes will be good for you.

2. Sponges- Sponges (wedge sponges) are great for application and blending foundation. They also get to the smaller, intricate places that brushes are not able to reach. They can be purchas…

Sephora Colorful Artist Palette Warm

Another review of new makeup that I bought! I bought this palette because most of the eye palettes and shadows that I have are cool colors and I needed to purchase a warm color palette to enhance my makeup collection/kit.

After browsing Sephora's website,( I decided to buy this palette. It's the Limited Edition Sephora Colorful Artist Palette Warm. The value is $51 but it's priced at $32. The shadows are dime-sized but will still go a long way. I have not tried the colors yet because I just received it today in the mail but already I can tell the colors are not that highly pigmented meaning that the color payoff will not be as intense as I normally like my eye shadow. But have no fear because they are ways to getting around this. I will most likey have to use a white base as my primer on my entire eye area from lash line to brow bone. A white base on the eyes makes lighter colors or even dull colors POP! The result is the color is more vibrant and …