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$5 and below Beauty... (Blushin by Elf)

I am a blush diva all the way! I can't pass up a beautiful blush, especially if it's affordable. One of my fave affordable brands, Elf, offers great blushes that are extremely cheap and offer a decent quality.

Elf  describes their studio blushes as...

"The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow" 

Elf now has a total of 11 studio blushes, I had 5 of the 11 but now I have 4. Here are my faves from their collection.

My thoughts...
I love the price of these blushes, they are $3. I also found out that the Dollar Store is starting to carry Elf products and I found one of the blushes there for $1, couldn't have been more happier. The pigmentation of the colors is decent.

Depending on how long I've had the blush, I've noticed that it becomes somewhat chalky. The wearability of these blushes are excellent, they last and last. I've used…

What's in My Kit?! (Brushes)

A good majority of my readers are makeup artists or aspiring makeup artists and part of the makeup/tools that I buy is for my makeup artistry kit, so... from time to time, I will feature a few items that I use in my professional makeup artistry kit for clients-hopefully this will give artists (both professional and aspiring) a good idea of what products work and what doesn't work.

In order to achieve professional results in your makeup application, the proper tools are needed. One of the most important tools to use are makeup brushes...there are endless brands that offer makeup brushes in all different prices. The brands that you choose are completely up to you, but; you do want to make sure you include brushes for a complete makeup application-which should include eye and face brushes.

My thoughts...

My goal is to have enough sets of brushes so that I don't have to wash/reuse any of my brushes for large parties like wedding/bridal parties. I currently have enough for 4 full s…

Tagged: This or That?!

Hey Glamour Dolls,

I am "it!" I've been tagged again.  This time I've been tagged by Kia from Yummy 411. Kia shares tons of good information on her blog from: natural hair to product reviews and FOTD's.

I especially love that she and I, both, live in the same area, so, she keeps me up to date with the latest beauty stores and sales that are happening in our area. Please check out her blog and if you live in the DMV area, you need to follow her blog right NOW!

If I had to choose, these are my preferences!

BLUSH- I love the pop of color that blush gives.

LIPSTICK- I like my lips to be noticeable when I wear makeup, gloss is often to sheer to provide the look that I want.

MASCARA- I love how mascara makes eyes look wide open and, it makes your lashes curl and it gives you that extra daintiness...mascara can take you from drab to fab in seconds!  Besides something on my lips, it's the only form of makeu…

Cocoa's Having a Giveaway!!!!!

One of my fave supporters and blogger friend, Cocoa from Getting Cazhmerred is having her first giveaway! She went to town on the items in her giveaway-she's included makeup, beauty products, makeup tools and even jewelry in the giveaway. Here are a few pics!

There are several ways to win the giveaway, but you must be a follower of her blog. The giveaway ends September 27, 2011. Click HERE for the details!

Tag: Desert Island Lips (I've know I've been MIA...)

Hello Glamour Dolls,

How is everyone?

I am back (I think?), had to take a break for a moment to fulfill another obligation plus I've been really feeling a writer's/bloggers block (don't know what to blog about) but things are getting back to normal and hopefully, my creative juices will begin flowing again. It really feels good to be back blogging, didn't know how much I missed it so much.

I've been tagged! The talented MUA, Shana, from Shana Janelle On... and the beautiful brown beauty, Kenya- from Brown Girlz Rock both tagged me for this post!

Here are the rules of the tag:

"If you could only have one lipstick or gloss for the rest of your life what would it be?" This is a TAG:

You are going to be cast away on a desert island, but you must maintain your fabulousness. The trick is, it can only be a lip product. What ONE lip color could you happily live with for the rest of your days? This isn’t about your favorite or what’s haute at the moment. It should …