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Adore Me Lingerie Review & Reveal!

Hi, Glamour Dolls

You may remember a while back I did a post on Adore Me lingerie, well; I was sent another set of beautiful lingerie of my choice for my consideration.

For those who may not know, Adore Me, is a subscription based lingerie a nutshell, each month you get a personalized selection of lingerie for you to consider purchasing...just like Just Fab, Shoe Dazzle and etc. If this post interests you, keep reading!


The pricing varies on whether you decide to become a member or not. If you choose to become a VIP member, you get a personalized lingerie selection sent to you every month and you decide whether or not you will purchase that month.

If you decide to purchase that month, the price is $39.95. If you don't decide to purchase, you can always skip that month. There is never any obligation to purchase. Becoming a VIP member, opens you up to several get 20% off your first item, exclusive sales and free shipping and returns to name a few.

If …

The Makeup Show NYC 2013 Pics & Haul!

Hey, Glamour Dolls!

I know I'm a little late but The Makeup Show was lots of fun, I had so much fun in NYC that weekend. I took a few workshops, met some great people and bought a few things. Here are the pics.

I met...

I finally met makeup mogul and entrepreneur, AJ Crimson! I've been loving his products for years now, especially his glosses. AJ featured his new BB cream and cream foundations at the show. He and his team were personally matching people up at the friend, pictured; was able to get her face personally matched up by AJ, such a treat! He was so nice and sincere.

I also met up with Shana from Shana Janelle On (Shana and I met last year, it's always good to see her, she's very down to earth). Shana was working at the Face Atelier booth for both days, it was nonstop busy. I know she was tired but she looked good though! 
I've been following Alexandra Butler's work on every social networking site there is, I absolutely love her work and I fina…

I'll be at the Makeup Show!

Hey, Glamour Dolls!

I'll be at The Makeup Show this weekend. I'll be there both days Sunday & Monday. I'm so ready for it and excited to attend the workshops and get a a heads up on the new products!

 I still have so much makeup to use and play with, so; it will be interesting to see what I get this year. I'm definitely going to check out AJ Crimson's new BB cream and face palette...that's a must have on my list. I'm going to stop at the OCC booth and even though I have tons of eyeshadow, I can't pass up Inglot! I want to visit the Makeup Forever booth and reup on my HD foundation. I'll have pictures and my haul when I come back.

If any of you are attending The Makeup Show I hope to meet you!