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Simple Beauty Look

So, I wanted to do a more simpler full-face beauty look that can be worn everyday. This can be an ideal look for those that like simple looks or for those that work in a more conservative environment, it also can be a look to wear on an interview or a night out on the town. It's a simple look with a pop of lip color. The lip color can be changed to any lip color you prefer but the eye look is probably as simple as you can get. This look only took about 20 minutes to apply. Here's a list of the products I used:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime my eyes
-Mac Naked eye Pigment on the lid an crease area
-Mac Ricepaper eyeshadow as my highlight color under the brow bone
-ELF Waterproof liquid eyeliner for the upper lash line
-Mac Smolder eye liner on the lower lash line
-Mac Zoomlash Mascara in black

-Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW40 to spot treat my uneven areas
-Mac Studio Fix Powder in C6
-Mac Margin Blush

-Mac Current lip liner
-Mac Viva Glam VI Special Editi…

Surprise! Surprise!!!

Surprise! I'm now the proud recipeint of a Mac Pro Card! It's a discount card for professionals such as: makeup artists, hair stylists, nail techs, models and photographers. I applied as a makeup artist and I receive a 40% discount off Mac purchases at the Mac stores and online. The Mac Pro card also allows makeup artists to take Mac Master makeup classes in a variety of subjects. I'm SO excited I got the card now I can finally get all the items that I need and want on my Mac wishlist! For the application and details visit

Makeup Colors for Spring 2010

Spring is here! As the new season's change so does the trend in colors, makeup and clothes. I'm going to share three of the trendiest colors in makeup this Spring. Keep in mind that these colors are not only the hottest in makeup but they are the hottest in fashion! Makeup is a fun, trial and error process so don't be afraid to try these colors and play around with them until you find the desired look you like. Remember every color looks good on ALL women, we just have to find the right shade and intensity of the color so that it will compliment our skin.


Plum is a hot color this season. It's a deeper color in the berry family but it compliments all skin tones. If you're a little shy about trying this color-start off with purchasing a plum lip liner to add a beautiful finish to your lip gloss or lip stick. Plum lip liners look good with brown, gold and berry lip colors. Plum liners can be purchased from the drug store to any makeup counter. If you're not …