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Mac Pro Class 2012 - Bridal Beauty

I'm back with my Mac Pro class post. Here it is...

Mac offers pro classes to its pro members a few times a year, there were two in my area; which was the Bridal Beauty and the Creating Drag makeup class. I really wanted to take the drag makeup class but it starts the same day that I leave for vacation.

I hesitantly decided to take the Bridal Beauty class, the only reason that I was hesitant was because I had already taken the Mac Pro Bridal Beauty  class in 2010 before, I loved it, but; I wanted to learn something different. Since I was in a funk, I decided, why not?! I needed something to get me reinspired. Plus, my friend Lynette had been waiting to attend a Mac Pro class for a while, we hadn't took a makeup class together in 2 years...I had to go, it was like a mini reunion.

The class was great! Mac Senior Pro artist Fatima Thomas taught the class. Fatima has been in the makeup artistry biz for 18 years, she has all kinds of celebrity clients and she travels to different …

Update & My Current Beauty Faves

Hey, Glamour Dolls!

How are you all?!

Long time no feels good to finally write something on here.

What's been going on with me? Just life. I've been busy and focused on a few things; which has been leaving me drained and given me a lack of desire to do anything else. Things have been all work and no play for a while and I'm finally getting my balance back again (sigh of relief!). Thankfully, I go on vacation in a few weeks. I hope to write a few more posts before I leave :-)

As far as beauty news, I have been using products in my own stash-I have bought a few things here and there and I did purchase a big haul from a Mac Pro class I took the beginning of October (more about that in another post). Here are some of my faves that I've been using constantly using since the last time I posted.


I bought these glosses at The Makeup Show back in May and I've been loving them every since. The glosses are really long wearing and the pigmenta…