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The Glam ALL-Star Voyage Makeup Cruise Experience! (Pic Heavy+LOTD)

Hey Dolls,

I went on the Glam ALL-Star Voyage makeup cruise last month and I really enjoyed myself! I took two classes on the cruise, "Highlighting and Contouring: Cream vs Powder" and a "A Nicely Face." I won't go into too much detail because the classes offered by all of the artists are still being offered to take; and I don't want to spoil it for the artists or any potential attendees. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I completely enjoyed the idea of learning about makeup while on vacation! Read on for my full experience and pics.

The first day!

The first day was an open panel to meet the Glam All-Stars. All of the artists were there to introduce themselves and just talk. It was also an open floor discussion for any questions we had. There were questions from how to get started in the business, contracts, product choices, techniques, color theory, client etiquette and lots more. All four of the artists all had different personalities and each mad…