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Why I use Positive Affirmations in my Self Care Routine!

My self care routine is always changing. Part of the routine that stays consistent is affirming myself with positive affirmations; they have really made a difference in my thinking. Some benefits of reciting positive affirmations is that they help you to remain calm, and build & increase confidence. They also help to redirect your mind to think positive.

I struggle with negative thinking, overthinking, and anxiety; affirming myself with positive thoughts has helped to correct my thought patterns. Typically, you see people standing in front of a mirror, in the morning, reciting positive affirmations, (that method is completely fine) but, that's not me. I used to do that, but, I find that reciting them when the thought pops up is most helpful, for me.

One of my favorite quotes from Iyanla Vanzant is "you are not always in control of what goes into your mind, but only you can determine what stays there." I find this to be so true, and it gives me hope! I used to think …
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LaVidaRosa Style Jewelry Haul!

Hello, Dolls

I'm always stumbling across new and upcoming brands on Instagram. My latest find is accessories by LaVidaRosa Style! LaVidaRosa Style is owned by blond-haired bombshell, Pinkie Spann! She has a wide range of jewelry, from earrings (pierced and clip ons) necklaces, and even hair! The styles of jewelry range from trendy, vintage, eclectic, and classic.

She recently had a jewelry sale, and I bought several pieces as gifts, and for myself. What I like about LaVidaRosa Style jewelry is that you can find rare pieces that you don't see in an average jewelry store, and her prices are very affordable; a lot of pieces are $5 or less. Scroll on, to find out what I bought!

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Nude Duster OOTD! (Work Edition)

Hello, Dolls

Today, I'm introducing a new blog series of outfit of the edition! I had no intentions of chronicling my work outfits; but, I've had a few coworkers who have been asking me to. My style at work is usually simple, but chic. I like to dress for comfort, and most of my outfits are for the every day woman. Occasionally, I like to go all out at work; but, most days, I'm simple-chic.

Dusters and cardigans are one of my favorite pieces to wear to pull an otherwise, basic, ordinary outfit together, and to add a splash of color. On this day, I chose to wear a leopard skirt, and a simple top. To keep the outfit casual chic, and to add color, I added the nude long duster. Outfit deets at the bottom!

What I'm Wearing:
-Nude Duster: Lilly's Kloset
-Leopard Skirt: Rainbow Clothing
-Cami: Fashion to Figure
-Gold Flats: Payless
-Necklace: Fashion to Figure

Style Feature: Featuring Zach Jones on Men's Casual Style (OOTD)

Today's style feature is dedicated to our male readers! Mr. Zach Jones, our guest style feature and style enthusiast, will take you through his closet and share some of his latest outfits that he's curated.  He is also gracing us with some of his style gems for our male readers, and for the ladies who are looking for style ideas for the men in their life! Read on to find out more about Zach, and the inspiration behind his style.

About Zach & His Style Inspiration...

"Born and Raised in the DMV the Fall/Winter means a lot of things, style wise, to me. Having seen some of the roughest and coldest winters around this time of year means layers, boots, and more. In so many words, being fashionably warm. My inspiration flows from hip hop culture and the backdrop that is the DMV. Earth tone colors, such as, green, brown, reds, and oranges are a necessary part of attire. You can never go wrong with your neutral colors like grey and black. I like to start all my ensembles from…

Formal Gala OOTN!!! (Outfit of the Night)

Hello, Dolls!

Every now and then I get really, really dressed up, it's not often though. I attended my first formal gala last month. I was so hesitant to wear this dress because I wanted to lose a good 15 lbs before wearing it; many of my friends told me to just wear it and forget about my weight. So, that's what I did, right after I put on my Spanx :-)The entire outfit was under $40! The dress I got on sale, for less than $30, the shoes and necklace were gifted to me. The rest of the jewelry was under $10.  Outfit deets below!

What I'm Wearing  -Dress: Fashion to Figure -Heels: gifted, from Payless shoes -Jewelry: Body Central and Rainbow Shops
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Dear Sisterfriend: Letters that Inspire, Uplift and Light a Fire in Young Women of Color (Book Review)

Reading books is a part of my self care routine. Reading is a way that I mentally escape from life, worries, deadlines, and anxieties, so that I can unplug, regroup, and dive into a good book! I especially love fiction and a good mystery! As of late, I have been enjoying, women's empowerment, self care, and inspirational books. Today, I will do a brief review on one of my latest book discoveries, Dear Sisterfriend: Letters that Inspire, Uplift and light a Fire in Young Women of Color.

About the Author(s)

Dear Sisterfriend is written by Aisha Herring, Bria Booker, Brittni Oliver, Jennifer Jones, and Tyra Whitson. These five ladies form the women's empowerment organization, The Strength of She, LLC.  The SHE in The Strength of SHE stands for Success, Humility and Empowerment; they are the three core beliefs, along with self care, that the Strength of She focuses on to empower women; particularly women of color.


Dear Sisterfriend is a collection of personal letters writte…

Started from a Signed Petition, Now We Here! MAC x Aaliyah Collection Haul!!!

Hello, Dolls!
As you probably already know by now that Mac released an Aaliyah collection in the summer. I, for one, was elated! I have been an Aaliyah fan since I was young. I've always loved her music!
I was enamored with her style- which was edgy and fly. Her style was the personification of tomboy chic, but she was always a lady. Her untimely death was shocking and hurtful to say the least. Nevertheless, I'm still an Aaliyah fan, and her music is always on rotation in my car and Ipod. 

When I first heard rumors of there being a petition for Mac to create a  makeup collection for her, I was skeptical; but, after doing research, I found out that it was legit. I signed that petition back in 2016, (which reached over 26,000 signatures) and finally I heard news of the upcoming collection!
Seeing that I'm a big Mac and Aaliyah fan, purchasing from this collection was a must! I knew before seeing it that I wanted to get everything; but, my bank account wouldn't allow. He…