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Update & My Current Beauty Faves

Hey, Glamour Dolls!

How are you all?!

Long time no feels good to finally write something on here.

What's been going on with me? Just life. I've been busy and focused on a few things; which has been leaving me drained and given me a lack of desire to do anything else. Things have been all work and no play for a while and I'm finally getting my balance back again (sigh of relief!). Thankfully, I go on vacation in a few weeks. I hope to write a few more posts before I leave :-)

As far as beauty news, I have been using products in my own stash-I have bought a few things here and there and I did purchase a big haul from a Mac Pro class I took the beginning of October (more about that in another post). Here are some of my faves that I've been using constantly using since the last time I posted.


I bought these glosses at The Makeup Show back in May and I've been loving them every since. The glosses are really long wearing and the pigmentation applies like a lip stick. I really like that the glosses are not sticky and apply smooth. I've finished up two tubes and I will be repurchasing a few more.


This was an item that I bought out of curiosity a few months ago. I didn't need it, but; after seeing all of it's raving views I went on and bought it. It's a really nice exfoliator that leaves your skin wonderfully soft.  I apply it once a week after I cleanse my face to give my skin a deep clean. I've been using another exfoliator, but; once I started using this one, I threw the other one out (the bottle was half full).

I can't remember which collection this came out with, since it was limited edition, I bought two bottles. I asked if Mac was going to make this permanent at the Mac Pro class I took and the manager there said that they will be making it permanent. Can't wait!


I had this since The Makeup Show, I've used it several times and each time it does exactly what it claims. It holds my makeup in place until I take it touch ups needed. I was very skeptical, I didn't think anything could hold your makeup that long, but; it does. I tested this when it was extremely hot outside and  the makeup lasted all day.

I really like that each bottle can hold up to 200+ plus sprays, so; you really get a lot of use out of the product. I just bought another one for my makeup artistry kit, it'll be great for weddings. The only thing I don't like is that the scent is sweet smelling, reminds me of a perfume; (I'm not a perfume girl) the scent sticks with you all day. The smell is a small inconvenience compared to the longevity of your makeup.


I really haven't been wearing a lot of makeup the last few months, when I did apply eyeshadow, I always grabbed this palette. I don't know if it was because it's the first palette I see or because the colors are so conveniently coordinated, either way this palette gets a lot of love from me.

Everything is right in the palette: base color, lid color, crease color and highlight all in one. I don't even have to think about it, I just pick it up, apply, blend and go. Once I get out of  my comfortable routine, I will start using my other palettes in my collection :-) I have to thank my girl La again for this palette. I won it in giveaway a while ago and I adore it!

What products are you loving right now?


sharon p said…
glad u r bach hun, missed u lots. i understand life gets so hectic sometimes and u r left too drained and less inspired to do hobbies!

glad u r well,nice faves x
La said…
I promise I was just thinking about you the other day!!! I was thinking about all the blogs that I follow and you crossed my mind! I thought, where is she!

Totally understand how it is to be busy and not blog about anything!

I'm glad that everything is going well! Now I want that exfoliator from MAC... They need to introduce it to the permanent line like yesterday!

I need to attend a makeup show so I can get some cool things! Lol. And I'm glad that you enjoy the Naked Palette... I used mine the other day on my aunt!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Sharon: Thanks, Sharon. I've missed you too...everyone in the blogosphere. Thanks for understanding Sharon, I'm glad to be back.

@La: Hey, La! Thanks for thinking of me! I've been keeping up with all of your You Tube videos, love them as always.

You'll love the Mac exfoliator, I'll be so glad when it's permanent.

Yes, hopefully you can go to a makeup trade show next year...they have lots of goodies at great prices. You can get the same stuff online, Cyber Monday will be here soon.
Agent Elle said…
Finally a post! LOL, sike. Love you,Gabs!

That exfoliator is my favorite of all time. That heated feeling is AMAZING.

Probably nothing that I really love lately. Looking forward to Sephora's VIB sale this weekend to pick up some goodies.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Agent Elle: Lol. I know, right! I finally put a post together. Yes, that exfoliator is the

Let me know what you get from the Sephora sale, any MUFE purchases? MUFE is next on my list.

Agent Elle said…
Well, I'm DEFINITELY getting the Naked 2 palette, some Buxom glosses, Fresh Brown Sugar body cream (OMG, LOVE), and hopefully the Fairydrops mascara. One of my friends swears by it, but it's sold out right now.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
I heard good things about the Naked 2 palette, you can never go wrong with that palette.

Brown Sugar Body cream sounds heavenly :-)
offthedomepiece said…
I heart your reviews! I have to add to the "you've been missed" messages because you have.

I'm having fun with the Naked 2 palatte.
yummy411 said…
great favorites. i have not fallen for the mac ash exfoliator yet... i'm glad they will be making it perm. it causes a stir every time they release it.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks, girl! It's good to be missed. That Naked palettes are hits!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Yummy 411: Yes, glad it will be permanent...I heard it sells out each time they release it.
Miss Dre said…
Hey lady! Happy to see you back!

I tell you that Model in a Bottle is a lifesaver. I started using it last year and have been very pleased with the results. It just sucks that it has that whole perfume thing going lol
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks, Miss Dre! I'm loving that La Femme blush post you did. I need to order some for the kit.

Don't you just love Model in a Bottle, it's a must have. Yeah, the perfume thing is iffy, lol.

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