Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L'oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Review

As some of you may know I received the L'oreal One Sweep eyeshadow to review, the thought behind the eyeshadow is to apply all three colors in one sweep with the curved applicator brush included in the compact. 

The one sweep eyeshadow was designed to eliminate the need to apply the three steps in normal eyeshadow application, which includes: a highlight color, crease color and lid color. These are my thoughts...

I received the Playful palette for brown eyes.
The curved applicator brush, the colors swipe on the brush exactly as they are seen in the palette.


"The unique applicator is designed to fit your eye shape to define, color and highlight your eyes in one easy sweep. The beautifully coordinated shadows come in natural or playful palettes expertly designed to enhance your eye color. Discover your stunning look!"


1. Fit curve of applicator  to the curve of the powder. Apply darkest shade closest to the lash line. Sweep down.
2.Sweep across right eyelid.
3. Apply powder to the opposite side of the applicator and sweep across the left eyelid.


-The palette comes with three colors that are coordinated.
-The price ($9) is inexpensive for the three colors that you receive, it's like paying $3 for each shadow.
-The palettes are coordinated for every eye color.
-Convenient size that fits easily in to your cosmetic bag, purse or pocket.


What do you think?

Although the thought behind the one sweep eyeshadow sounds really impressive, it doesn't deliver up to my expectations. I would have loved to eliminate the need of figuring out what colors to wear and eliminating the (often) time consuming need of applying three separate eyeshadows but this product just does not live up to it's claim.

As you can see in the picture, it looks like I only applied one eyeshadow instead of three shadows. I applied an eye base and I followed the directions on the palette and I did two sweeps, (the palette claims to only need 1 sweep) and still ended up with this result.

On a positive note, the shadows are perfectly coordinated colors which I will keep in my collection,  but I will just apply them individually.  The pigmentation of the shadows were so-so, I think that if I apply the shadows wet it will deliver a better intense color.

What were your thoughts on this product when you saw it advertised? Do you think you will try it?

Disclaimer: I am a Bzzagent and these products were sent to me for free for my consideration. I am not being paid for this review and my thoughts on this product are honest and unbiased. For more information, visit my Disclosure policy page.


CocoagirlD said...

Wow I was looking at this product at the store but I remembering trying those Avon strips that was very similar and the product didnt lay on the skin most was still left on the paper it came on. The eyeshadow looks good but yet it dont look like 3 colors looks like you blended 2 but not sure if I would buy it.

Ms. Viva Glam said...

I remember those Avon strips, my mother had the nerve to tell me that I should include them in my makeup kit :/ lol... Yeah, the shadow was a bit disappointing but I do like the colors though.

Agent Elle said...

I was also interested in this product, but I have to agree with CocoagirlD. It looks like a couple of shades as opposed to the three distinct shades in the print ad.

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Yeah... it's definitely a product that many can do with out.