Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I got a new Hermes Birkin bag...well, almost :-)

So...I have been wanting a Hermes Birkin bag for well over 10 years, since I was 16. I love the style, the shape, size and even the fixtures of the bag. As much as I love the bag, it's really expensive- a Hermes bag costs more than what I presently owe on my car loan, I know I won't be getting one any time soon or maybe even ever!

Kim Kardashian carrying a Hermes bag. 

I will settle for a look alike and that's exactly what I purchased from Just Fab. Just Fab is one of those membership sites like Shoe Dazzle, that sends you a monthly showroom of items to possibly purchase based on your style preferences. Just Fab sells shoes, handbags and even jewelry. 

I purchased this bag last week, it's called the Law bag. It's inspired by the Hermes Ostrich Birkin bag. It's made out of faux ostrich material and it comes with gold fixtures. It's available in 7 other colors perfect for Spring, three of the colors are already sold out. This bag is huge, the size is 17 length x 12 height x 5.5 width. It can be carried by the handles or with the detachable strap that's included. It's big enough to be carried as a tote or purse. 

I love Just Fab, it's sponsored by my girl-Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou- (I love her!) and the site has some of the best stylists including the lovely ladies from Who What Wear. This is my second handbag purchase from them and I just love their bags, they're stylish, sturdy and, they're big enough to carry anything. 

It comes lined with three pockets inside and a one compartment in the back. 

I'm so in love with this bag, it's still sitting on my sofa at home... I haven't even worn it yet because I'm still admiring it, I love it! The price of their items are $39.95, which includes shipping and handling. The only thing that I don't like about their bags is that when you receive them, they have a strong new smell to them. I usually let the bag air out a few days before carrying it...other than that, I'm so in love with this bag and I will be strutting like it's a real Hermes :-)

Kimora carrying one of her many Hermes ostrich bags.

Do you have a favorite handbag on your wish list?


Agent Elle said...

You are speaking my language!! lol. I LOVE this bag. Very cute and chic!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Thanks, Lynnie!

I love it, you should get one. said...

I love the bag and your nails! Cute. Cute. Cute. The bag's color makes it more versatile so you can get a lot of wear out if. Can't wait for the OOTD post :-)

Agent Elle said...

I'm thinking about it! lol. I love the color too.

Goddesslily Seymour said...

I like that bag and I really think you made a wise choice, I probably would spoil myself if I were rich but i'm not so i'll settle for the next best thing!

socialitedreams said...

i want a rose gold michael kors but it may have to stay on the wishlist for a lil while

Dreek said...

extremely cute bag!!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

@GirlRatesWorld: Thanks, Nicole! I really would love to do an OOTD, I need to find someone to take a good pic though...I'm usually never satisfied with my outfit pics.

@Agent Elle: I'm glad you got it, you really should get the second one. I called Just Fab today and the rep said it will only be available until the end of April.

@Goddesslily Seymour: Thanks Ms. Lily, I know what you mean... if I was rich, I would have a Hermes bag in every color!

@socialitedreams: Good choice, I've been wanting the Michael Kors Astor bag for a while now...I'm going to get it one day. He has an outlet store not to far from me.

@Dreek: Thanks, girly!

Ms. Viva Glam said...
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Jennifer said...

Love it!

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Thanks, Jennifer :-)