Thursday, January 8, 2015

How I Refurbished my Louis Vuitton Speedy...

I bought an authentic preloved Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy bag a few months back. While I was so excited to finally get the bag and wear it, I realized (at that time of buying and when I received it) that the bag had some wear on it that could use some fixing up. After searching online, I found a blogger, Lollipuff, who posted an article on how to refurbish LV bags.

Based on the recommendations in the post, I used the following products: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Blue Magic Metal Polish cream (tube) and Cadillac Boot and Shine leather conditioner. I also used laundry detergent and baby wipes. All of the products used can be used on any bag to spruce it up. Read on for the deets, to see how you can spruce up your handbag!


At first glance, the bag had some sheen on the exterior. Most of the brass fixtures had green tarnishing (which happens with aging of brass). The leather handles were dull. The bag had lost some of its shape. The inside was the kicker! The red interior was terribly stained. It was a combination of hair, dirt, dust and dried up candy.


The brass had lost its luster.

You can see some of the green tarnish around the ring

The Process

I added water to the Mr. Clean Magic eraser and wiped down the entire bag, inside and out. I used a microfiber cloth along with the Blue Magic Metal polish cream and polished the brass fixtures, which made the green tarnish disappear and it polished the fixtures to a brand new shine! The last thing I did to the exterior- was apply the Cadillac Boot and Shine leather cleaner to the canvas and the leather handles.

Dirt from the bag on the Mr. Clean Magic eraser

I have used other leather cleaners before but the Cadillac Boot and Shine leather cleaner is the best that I've used. It can be applied to a variety of materials like canvas, exotic skins, vinyls and patents in addition to leather. It cleans and conditions while retarding water spotting and cracking. It also gives a nice luster, I applied two coats of it to the bag and let it sit overnight. 

After the bag had been wiped with magic eraser

Sidenote: I also found out that Cadillac Boot and Shine leather conditioner is great for lightening vachetta leather that has patina (darkened) over time. 

Applying the Cadillac Leather cleaner...

Now for the inside! I used baby wipes to wipe down all of the dirt and hair that I could from the inside. I also used a small butter knife to scrape off as much of the dried candy as I could without cutting through the interior...this is when I found out how sturdy LV bags are-because the interior didn't buckle, budge or crack under the scraping.

This is one of many wipes I used to clean the interior...

I used laundry detergent (which gave the inside a nice smell) and applied it to the wipes to rub off the remaining dirt and to remove the dried candy stain, I used several wipes to do this. Once I removed the stain, I also took a bit of alcohol and applied it to the lining of the bag to disinfect it. 

Making some progress!

The Results

The end result is that I was able to completely remove the hair, dirt and candy stain. I was also able to remove some of the black stains. There are a few ink stains that remain that I can live with. 

All of the hair and dirt have been removed and the candy stain is completely gone...

The zipper no longer looks dull but polished and more gold in color...

No more green tarnishing around the ring...

The extras

The Speedy bags originally come with a lock and two keys. The bag I bought didn't come with one from the original owner. I was able to purchase an authentic LV lock and key set at a good price. Of course, it was used and had aged, so I polished it up with the Blue Magic Metal cream.

Before: The lock is dull and tarnished...

All of the dirt from polishing...

After: The lock is polished, brighter in color and it looks new!


The bag has a beautiful luster thanks to the leather cleaner. The brass fixtures have no tarnishing and a new shine to them. The inside looks 10x better than before now that it's much cleaner, and the bag's shape has been restored thanks to stuffing it with wrapping paper.

The lock looks brand new and the canvas has a beautiful finish...

The bag was stuffed with wrapping paper to restore its shape...

The finished look!

I'm really proud and amazed at the end result. I have spruced up several preloved handbags before and this is (by far) my favorite refurbished project :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sigma Pro Program + Recent Haul

Hey Dolls,

My first post of 2015! I hope the year is starting off wonderful for everyone and I hope 2015 brings in great things for all of you. I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my blog in any form and I hope that you continue to do so in 2015 and beyond!

I'm a member of a several Pro Artistry programs and I wanted to share with you all the newest one that I've joined and a few things that I bought. I have been on Sigma's email list for years and I was sent an email a few months ago introducing their new Pro Partners program that offered a 20% off discount on their products. The program also offers previews and sneak peaks of their new products, and to network on their Pro blog.

The qualifications are to submit a photocopy of your state/federal ID and to provide proof of one of the following: a website providing artistry work or makeup services offered, call list on production company overhead, editorial page, professional license (cosmetologist, aesthitician), union card or IMDB credit.

The welcome package came with a Sigma Pro card and a welcome brochure.

I submitted my information as well as my website for my makeup artistry business and I was approved. I am a member of several makeup pro programs and Sigma is the first one that sends you a welcome package with product samples, which I love!

I received eyeshadow samples, the travel-sized blending brush and a few brow powder samples. 


Since I had the Pro discount, and they offered an additional discount plus free shipping on Black Friday, I bought a few things that I have been eyeing for a while. I purchased their Sigma Spa brush cleaning glove. It retails for $39, after all the discounts and free shipping I paid about $27. That's not as pricey as the original price; but, since I had a Pay Pal credit, I went on and bought it.

Yes, there are other cheaper alternatives like an ordinary silicone oven mitt, however; all of the oven mitts don't have the ridges for the cleaning. I feel that if I can afford higher end makeup and brushes, I can afford a product to effectively clean my brushes, while saving myself some time :-)

The glove features two sides (one for face brushes and the other for eye brushes). The glove was designed to save time when cleaning brushes while effectively cleaning them. The glove comes with eight different cleaning textures to give a deep cleanse and to reshape the brushes after cleaning. It also comes with two thumbs to give more ease when turning the glove over to the opposite side.

Side for face brushes

I have already used this and I really like it! It does save time as I'm able to bundle several brushes at a time to clean and rinse them quickly. It usually takes me an hour to clean my brushes by hand. When I used this glove, it took me 35 minutes to clean all of them! I love that it cuts my brush cleaning time almost by half, and my hands and fingers don't get wrinkled and scaly from being in water when I had to wash them by hand.

Side for eye brushes

My beloved Sigma F80 flat top Kabuki brush died on me after so many years! Come to find out I had been cleaning my brushes the wrong way for years, as a result; the glue loosened and all the bristles in that brush came completely out, which is another reason why I wanted to buy the brush cleaning glove. After that, I bought the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush. It retails for $24, after my discount it was $19.

This brush is designed to apply liquid, cream and powder to the skin. As with the other Sigma Kabuki's, it buffs product into the skin flawlessly! The ridge of the brush is created to apply product to every curve of the face without have to move a muscle. We all have seen the faces made when applying products to the face so that we can aid the brush in evenly covering every spot... this brush was designed to eliminate that "foundation face!" The point of the brush is created to get right up under the eye and around the mouth. After reading the product description, the brush sounded too good to be true, I had to buy it.

Lastly, I bought some more lashes from  Kym Lee. I wore her lashes in my last LOTD and I really them, they are the easiest lashes I've ever applied on myself. I bought the Seductive (half lashes) and the Damsel lashes.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 5 Faves of 2014 (Skin, Hair and Makeup)

Hey Glamour Dolls!

Can't believe there are only two weeks left in the year! These are my top five products that I've consistently used throughout the year and I've repurchased over and over again. Read on, and I"ll tell you why I love them.

1. Mac Studio Moisture Cream Moisturizer

I originally bought this moisturizer in a travel sized version to sample. The cream is light weight and very moisture rich. It gives my skin a nice radiance and leaves my skin supple. It works wonders in the Fall/Winter months because my skin drinks up moisturizer in the cooler months.

I've used other moisturizers and I would put it on and you couldn't tell that I put anything on thirty minutes later; with this moisturizer, it stays on longer. I liked it so much that I went on and bought the full size version.

2. Clarisionic Skin Care System

The Clarisonic skin care system is a must-have holy grail product for me! I have blemished, acne prone skin and I can NOT be with out it. I had to be without it for two weeks and my skin was not pretty! All of the claims about Clarisonics are true. It does clean your skin 6x cleaner than any kind of wipe, facial cleansing cloths, wash cloths and your own two hands!

With just one use, your skin is cleaner, clearer, not patchy and exfoliated. I love that it removes every trace of makeup that the wipes leave behind. I originally bought the Mia 1 a few years ago and I bought the Mia 2 last month. It's definitely an investment in the cost, but so worth it :-)

3. Motions Natural Textures Deep Conditioning (hair) Masque

I was originally sent this product to review for BzzAgent year's ago and I really like it. It was created in mind for women with natural hair types but I use it on my relaxed hair- with no issues. It's made with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils to deeply moisturize you hair. It also detangles the hair and leaves it incredibly soft.

This is the only conditioner that I've been using for the last few years besides the Koils by Nature conditioner and it's great. It leaves my hair very soft, I never had issues with my hair detangling and another added benefit is that when I use this conditioner, I have no dandruff flakes. I always get dandruff whenever I use anything else.

4. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

I featured this as my fave before and I probably will again. I love this mascara! I buy this with the curved brush only. This mascara gives me length and volume and the curved brush gives my lashes the nicest curve.

I have received so many mascaras last month from L'oreal Butterfly, Revlon, Lorac, Tarte, Urban Decay Perversion and Too Faced, the only one that rivals it (as of late) is Too Faced Better than Sex mascara (my newest fave); other than that; there is no competition with the other brands. I will forever be a fan of this mascara.

5. Mac Careblend Pressed Powder

I've featured this powder on my blog before and I still love it. I haven't found any other powder to replace it. I use it to set my foundation and concealer. On many days, I have worn it alone and it provides a fresh-face, skin finish. The ingredients in the powder are made to provide extra care and comfort for the skin; hence, the name Careblend. 

What are your faves of 2014?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pink Bordello (LOTD)

I'm back with another look! I decided to do a look using mostly products that I recently hauled in the last few months, besides four products; everything mentioned was recently purchased.  I'm seriously trying to use everything I buy.

I was inspired by the pink blouse I was wearing and I decided to use Urban Decay's Bordello (pale mauve with gold micro-glitter) eyeshadow as my main color, it came out being a melange of a pink frosty look. I was feeling extra, so I wore some lashes! Take a look for yourself :-)

Products Used


-Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in Auburn
-Mac Select Cover Up concealer NC45 to clean up brows


-Lorac Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer
-Lorac Nectar e/s as highlight
-Lorac Light Brown e/s as transition color
-Lorac Cool Gray e/s as crease color
-Urban Decay Bordello e/s on lid
-Maybelline Ultra Liner black liquid liner on upper lash line
-Wink and Pout Baby Doll lashes by Kym Lee
-Eylure Lashfix adhesive glue
-Mac PowerPoint eye pencil in engraved on lower lash line
-Urban Decay Perversion mascara


-Mac Strobe cream to moisturize and prime
-La Girl Pro concealer in Fawn under eyes
-AJ Crimson cream foundations in 4 and 4.5
-Cover Girl Queen Bronzer in brown bronze as blush & subtle contour


-Shea Yeleen shea butter honey lip balm
-Mac Nightmoth lip liner
-Mac Rebel l/s