Monday, August 22, 2016

Beauty and Lifestyle Travel Essentials

Traveling creates opportunities to pack just enough of your essentials or either over pack. When it comes to beauty and lifestyle items, I tend to lean on the over packing side because I love having options to chose from.

Here are a few of my must-have essentials that I pack for all of my trips (except weekend getaways). I guess you could also file these under the "if you're ever stranded on a desert island, what would you have to have" category.

Clarisonic Mia 2 

Nothing is as good as washing and exfoliating my face as my Clarisonic Mia 2. I love it! My face feels the difference every time I wash, it gives a deep but gentle clean, removes every trace of makeup and leaves my skin soft and radiant. My Mia 2 has been kicking for years and it's on it's last leg, so; I upgraded to the Mia 3.

Baby Wipes 

I've been using baby wipes for years to remove my makeup. They are less inexpensive than makeup wipes and you get more for your money. I can easily get between 70-80 wipes for $3, in each pack. In addition to removing makeup, they are also good for just freshening up when you need to. I don't have a favorite brand, just any brand that's on sale that week.

Eye Shadow Palettes

Traveling with my eyeshadow palettes are a must! I still manage to do my eyes when I'm traveling and I have to take several palettes because (again) I need options! Below are four that I normally travel with:

1. Missy Lynn - This palette has six shadows and two gorgeous highlighters. I use it solely for the highlighters because they are a gorgeous cheek highlight. The two darker brown eyeshadows are what I use for contouring because they are dark enough and they have just the right amount of warmth for contouring.

2. Urban Decay Naked 1 - Traveling with a neutral palette is a must, and the Naked 1 palette is perfect for that, it's my fave out of all the naked palettes. I also like that the darker shades on the right of the palette can be used for creating a dope smokey eye when I want to switch it up.

3. Juvia's Place Nubian 2 - Such a gorgeous palette! The pigmentation is crazy and the shadows apply effortlessly. This palette is great to travel with because the array of colors gives me a break from neutral shades.

4. Viseart Mattes - The Viseart matte eyeshdaow palette is the creme de le creme of mattes to me! Whenever I do an eyeshshadow look, I always use this palette at least once. This palette is great for filling in my brows in a pinch and contouring. Not to mention, the size of it is perfect for traveling.

False Lashes 

I always travel with lashes. I love to have them for that extra touch of glam! Also, since my eyes are hooded, my regular lashes with several coats of mascara just doesn't cut it for me. So, I need lashes to open up my eyes.

1. Kara Lashes - I always travel with at least one pair of Kara lashes. They are $1 from Shop Miss A. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes that compliment any look.

2. JoMichelle STACKED. Rae Lashes - When I want to have the full-on glam look that regular lashes don't deliver, I go for my stacked lashes. I love the Jo Michelle stacked lashes in Rae. They are so dramatic, voluminous, and so glamorous all in one. You will definitely stand out and turn heads wearing these lashes.

Satin Pillowcase

I sleep on a satin pillowcase every night and I travel with it always. I sleep on it because satin helps keep the moisture in my hair, and it keeps my moisturizer/night cream on my face while cotton absorbs and dries the moisture in my hair and face out. Also, I don't have sleep lines on my face when I sleep on a satin pillow case, and it's nice to travel with something that reminds you of your own bed.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

This is one of my holy grail products, I love this cream! It's a makeup remover, moisturizer and face primer in one. Whenever I apply foundation, I only need to use this to prep my skin because it acts as my moisturizer and primer.

A lot of primers that I've used completely matte my face too much, (even when they don't claim to mattify) and when I apply foundation it buckles and applies so dry, this is never an issue when I use this cream. Plus, it locks in moisture for 24 hours and my makeup stays on until I take it off. I buy it in the 1 oz size which is good to carry for traveling and TSA approved.


Of course, I can't travel without my lippes, who couldn't?! I would love to take as many as I want, but I narrow it down to at least one shade in the pinks, berries, reds, browns and orange categories. I always travel with one berry lip liner and one brown lip liner. The shades below are not what I travel with, I just pick shades at random.

From left to right: Mac Lady Danger l/s, Magnolia Makeup Godiva, Mac Vino lip liner, Magnolia Makeup Sista Girl, Wink and Pout Velvet Rope and Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick

Poo-pourri Spray

Poopourri spray is an item that I keep with me all the time. It's a toilet spray with a blend of essential oils to eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors, particularly after you do a number 2. It really works! A coworker first introduced me to this years ago to deodorize our workroom bathroom (and no, I wasn't the person who funked it up).

I received this bottle in my Essence Beauty Box a few months ago. They come in a variety of scents and the 2 oz bottle (pictured below) is small enough to put in your purse, TSA size approved and can last up to 100 uses. You never know when you will have to go and no one will ever know what you did when you use this spray.

Do you have any must-have beauty/lifestyle travel essentials?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

GLAM All-Star Voyage: Makeup Cruise! Part 2

Hello Dolls!

It's been a while... there have been sooo many things I've wanted to post but never got around to doing it. I'm going to do my best to make up for it now that I'm back. Last year, I attended the GLAM All-Star Voyage makeup cruise and this year I will be attending the same cruise for it's second voyage! I loved increasing my expertise about makeup application and vacationing at the same time, plus it inspired me in so many ways.

This year, we're leaving out of New Orleans and I'll be taking two classes again like last year. I'm taking a class from Lauren Nicely, which is the A Nicely Face: Bridal edition class, and I'm also taking a class from Alexandra Butler, which is the A Beautiful Face: Makeup 103 class. I've taken classes from both of them before and I love how informative they are yet down to earth. Can't wait to see what's store this time!

A detailed post of my experience plus pictures will follow when I return. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ultimate Beauty Seminar with Sam Fine & Renny Vasquez Experience! (Pic Heavy)

Hello Dolls,

I'm finally back...didn't mean to take this long writing this follow up post, but; life (as always) gets in the way. Here I am, back in the new year, and I'm hoping 2016 is starting off wonderful for all that are reading this!

Back to the post, the Ultimate Beauty Seminar was well ABOVE & BEYOND my expectations! I loved every minute of it. I learned so much and I saw so much, it will be hard to detail everything (as much as I like to do), but I will give an overview. If you want to go straight to some of the tips that I learned, scroll down to the bottom :-).

The ballroom
Me & my beautiful makeup woes at the seminar!

The first part of the seminar started of with Renny Vasquez. Renny is very informative, funny and insightful. Not only was I taking down notes from his makeup tips, but, I was also writing down the different quotes that he shared with us. He started the class off with doing a full face demonstration with a bold lip. Renny shared with us that he is all about the "client's experience". He's all about using products that make his client's feel good throughout the entire makeup application process. 
Renny doing her brows
Renny touching up her lips
The final look!

This is the second model that Renny used, the ever so gorgeous, Fifi (who is also a very talented MUA). He showed us how to do two different techniques for contouring and highlighting. The first was the traditional way, which is after foundation and concealer have been applied. The second way is to highlight and contour before, then follow up with foundation and concealer. The second way to do it came out very subtle and with an "inner glow" to the skin.

Next, Renny did the eyes and he did a natural cut crease. He used a very small fan brush to create the cut crease line, the little fan brush made it so easy to do, in under a minutes time. The brush he used was an Esum T11 mascara fan brush. 

After Renny completed the cut crease on her right eye

After Renny finished, it was lunch time; and then next up was Sam Fine! Sam is so funny, very knowledgeable and real...what you see with him is what you get. Sam showed us how he does his "oh so famous" smokey eye on Fifi; which he did the left side of her face. He gave her a gorgeous red lip color and afterwards he sprayed her with this beautiful glitter spray for that extra touch of glam.

Sam beginning her smokey eye
Sam applying shadow on her lower lash line to complete the smokey eye

She's so gorgeous!

Fifi after Sam finished her left side
Sam and Renny answering questions in the Q&A

After Sam finished, there was a questions and answers session for all of our questions. There had to be at least 200 attendees, so there were lots of questions on just about everything. After questions, we were all able to take pictures with both Renny and Sam...who waited patiently for all of us to take as many pics as we wanted!
Me & Renny
Renny, me and Sam!!!
Us again!

We also got our amazing goody bags after class! There were a few things that everyone received, but each bag had different contents. My bag had a Beauty Blender with the cleanser, Cover Girl Queen face powder, a Black Opal full sized cream stick foundation, a Motives blush and lip gloss, a Cover Girl lipstick, the entire Black Opal Pore Perfecting foundation collection (in the deluxe sample size), Damone Roberts AM and PM facial wipes, a Black Opal skin moisturizer sample; and a Gleam body radiance cream! I've been to numerous makeup classes that have goody bags and this was by far- the best goody bag I've ever received. 
The goody bag
Inside my goody bag!
Candid pic of me with Derrick Rutledge
There was a special guest that came later, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur, Derrick Rutledge! Derrick has done work that we've probably have seen everywhere from on TV screens to magazine covers. He is the personal makeup artist to Oprah Winfrey; and he has also worked with First Lady, Michelle Obama! Derrick was a true pleasure to meet!

Trying to get it together....

Some tips that I learned...

The class was full of awesome tips; but these are five tips that really stood out to me:

1. The mastery of using cream products: Both Renny and Sam are masters at using cream products. They used it to conceal, correct, apply foundation; and highlight and contour. I only use it for foundation, correcting and concealer. I really want to push myself to use it more for highlighting and contouring, one reason is because it will challenge me to work on blending the cream out adequately. Using cream products on the face will always improve your blending skills.

2. Highlighting and Contouring: As mentioned earlier, in the seminar, we learned two ways to highlight and contour. The first way which is to highlight and contour after foundation, which gives you a little more of an obvious highlighted and contour look; but, the second way which is to do it before foundation gives you a nice "inner glow from within" look that I really like; and I'm going to try it! Also, I learned that the products have to overlap to blend Sam said " if everything that you apply doesn't overlap, it's not going to blend."

3.  False Eyelash application: Renny shared a trick that he uses to make false eyelash application easier. He applies glue to the lash line first (with tweezers), then he also applies glue to the lash band. After the glue becomes tacky, he applies the false lashes to the lash line...because the glue has already been applied to the lash line, the false eyelash sticks to it and holds in place better without having to manipulate it to center it and stick in place. He also suggested that if you want to "up" the glam of applying false lashes, you can add individual lashes to the strip lashes to give a more fabulous look.

4. Applying products under the eye upwards: Renny demonstrated that when you pat up makeup under the eye, instead of downwards, it gives you a more youthful look. This means that when applying concealer or foundation under the eye, you can pat the product up to the lash line; instead of patting the product down.

5. Doing brows last: Renny shared with us that he does brows last on clients. The reason being is that he says "where you start off first is the focus on your face." If you do brows first, there may be a tendency to go in really strong with the brows because you spent the beginning of your time and detail on them, but; if you start off with the face first, then your focus and detail will show on the face ,and you may not need as much brow makeup. That tip made me go "hmm..."I had never thought of that before. I have already started using this tip and my brows are much more natural and lighter in appearance.

Overall, the seminar was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget! It was a great day of inspiration, learning, laughter, networking, and new whole entire makeup life was made after that seminar! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

I am going to the Ultimate Beauty Seminar feat. Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez!!!

Hey, Dolls!

I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to attend the Ultimate Beauty Seminar with my all time favorite makeup artist, Sam Fine; along with Renny Vasquez! 

I have been loving and following Sam Fine's work since I was a teenager. I have his book, his DVD and I've wanted to meet him on several occasions at The Makeup Show but I've always missed him. Now, I finally get to meet and learn from him! I have been following Renny's work on Instagram for a while now and I really love his flawless beats, he can give you an all out beat or just a very natural glam look. 

Now for my story...

When these two announced they were bringing their final class to DC, initially; I knew I wanted to go BUT I saw the $300 investment and talked myself out of it...especially since I had just come off a makeup cruise where I had  just paid to take some classes. I convinced myself not to go, and then the DC class sold out in 2 hours after the tickets went out sale. I figured no big deal, the class is sold out; I can't go anyway, but it stayed on my mind constantly. Then, Renny announced on Instagram that since the DC class sold out so quickly they were going to see if they could get a bigger ballroom and release more tickets to sell! I kept thinking about my funds...paying the $99 deposit wasn't too bad of an issue, it's the rest of it that's due the day of the class. #thestruggleisreal

I said to myself "this is their last class", this is also the opportunity to be taught by two of the greatest in makeup artistry. Plus, the class is from 10am-5pm. I have paid almost the same price of this class for classes that were only 2 hours long for 1 artist; and this is an all day event to see 2 artists... it really is a steal and an investment at the same time. So, when the tickets were released for those on the wait list (like myself) I went on and paid my deposit and sacrificed some expenses in my budget so that I could afford to pay the remaining balance.  I'm glad I did it, I can't wait and I'll definitely will be writing about my experience! 

Makeup and beauty is one of my passions and my craft in life and to be taught by someone who is at the top in the industry, who I've admired for so long is just mind boggling!!! I can't even articulate it sufficiently, it's just an honor and a privilege and it will be an unforgettable experience!