Monday, December 16, 2013

My Mac, NYX, Sugar Pill, Urban Decay & More Haul!

Hello All,

Here is my latest makeup and beauty haul. I took advantage of some of the Black Friday sales and bought a few things. Read on for the deets!

Nyx Eyeshadow

Nyx had a really nice sale on their site last month. They had shadows for $1 and lip liners for $2. I have several eyeshadow palettes for my makeup kit but I wanted more neutral shades. I bought eight shadows all total, mostly neutrals and a few colorful shades for the kit. I also bought their taupe blush, I heard that it is a really good contour color for light and fair complexions.

Swatches from left to right: Taupe blush, golden, irises, dark brown, hot pink, silk, hunter green, taupe e/s and walnut. 

Mac Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

I have also been needing a decent concealer palette for my makeup kit as well. I have individual concealers in darker colors but I needed some concealers in the medium range as well as color correctors. I chose to purchase the Mac medium/deep conceal and correct palette.

My plan is to also purchase the light or medium palette. You get four concealers and two correctors in the palette to mix and match to get your desired shade. The palettes are the perfect size to fit in your kit and I love that the shades offer both warm and cool shades. This palette is $40 regularly but since I have a Mac Pro card it was about $24.

Top Row left to right: NC40, NC 42, NW 40 & NW 43 studio concealers
Botton Row left to right: Rich yellow & Burnt coral color correctors


I have one Sugarpill eyeshadow that I won in a giveaway and I've been wanting to try more of their products. Fortunately, they had a Black Friday sale, everything was priced from 20-50% off. I bought the Magpie loose eyeshadow and the limited edition @#$%! pressed shadow.

The Magpie is so gorgeous, it's described as silky black with metallic blue sheen and turquoise sparkles. The @#$%! is described as a vampy pearl red with silver metallic sheen. Sugarpill products are ridiculously pigmented and you get a lot of product for the price.

Swatches: Magpie and @#$%!

Magnolia Makeup

I've talked about Magnolia Makeup on my blog before. I'm still a big fan of their pigments, they are true to color and have a great color selection. Magnolia Makeup had a few sales last month, a 50% off sale and a Black Friday sale, the pigments were $5 each.

I placed two separate orders and bought a total of nine pigments. I'm still waiting for my second order to arrive. I bought Sublime, Paris, Funky Liza and Tchoupitoulas pigments. I love all of the colors, I'm a sucker for a blue or turquoise shadow so my fave color is Tchoupitoulas, it's gorgeous plus it's matte.

Swatches from left to right: Paris, Tchoupitoulas, Sublime and Funky Liza

Victoria's Secret Lip Scrub

In the winter time my lips always need a good scrub, so; I decided to try this VS Pro Smooth FX lip scrub & balm duo. It's really neat the way it's packaged. The scrub and the balm come together in a tube and the balm can be removed from the tube. I tried it Sunday, you just rub the scrub on for 30 seconds, tissue off and follow up with the balm. It's very simple and it works.

Urban Decay 

I'm smiling as I type this, lol. I heart Urban Decay Naked palettes...nobody does neutrals like Urban Decay (in my opinion). As soon as I saw the promos for this on the blogs, I knew I wanted it and had to get it. Of course it was sold out and I didn't want to shell over $52 at the time. A month after it's release, Sephora sent me a $15 gift certificate off of a $50 purchase for being a beauty insider that had to be used in three days.

I went on the Sephora site and looked for the Naked palette and it was sold out, I called their stores and they said the Naked 3 palette was dropping that night at 9pm. I stayed out until 9pm, walked in Sephora and bought my palette. It ended up being $40 after taxes and the gift certificate. 

It's gorgeous, the rose gold packaging is so beautiful. All of the 12 shades are new to Urban Decay, you get the dual ended eye brush and it comes with a sample of all four of the primer potions. I didn't swatch the palette because I'm sure you've already seen the swatches for them. If not, here are the swatches from Xsparkage's blog. 

Samples of the primer potions in Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Aging formulas

My Naked family is complete!

Have you hauled any purchases lately?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo shoot Makeup (LOTD)

Hello Glamour Dolls!

It has been some months since I posted, so much has been going on. I have done some traveling, still working full-time and I've been busy with my two side hustles. In the midst of everything, I have been keeping up with the beauty world, thanks to You Tube and Instagram.

Recently, I did my first photo shoot last June and my second photo shoot I did a few weeks ago and it features...yours truly. Here is the makeup that I did on myself for the shoot. The actual pictures of the shoot are not available yet (these are the pics I took with my own camera), but when they are available; I'll post them.

Eyes & Brows

-Mac Spiked brow pencil
-Mac Groundwork paintpot as eye base
-Mac Arena e/s as highlight
-Urban Decay Buck & Naked e/s as bridge color
-Mac Tan pigment lid color
-Mac Sketch e/s in crease
-Maybelline Ultra eyeliner in black
-Duo Adhesive Dark eyelash glue
-Miss Adoro 600 lashes (Thanks AC for helping me with them!)


-Milk of Magnesia as face primer
-Bobbi Brown peach corrector under eyes
-AJ Crimson cream foundation #4
-Ben Nye Banana powder
-Mac Select Cover up NC42 concealer to highlight
-Mac Blunt blush to contour
-Elf Berry Merry blush on cheeks


-Mac Beet lip liner
-Mac RiRi Woo lipstick
-Mac Clear lip glass

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alexandra Butler's A Beautiful Face 101 :DC Makeup Class (Recap)!

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending Alexandra Butler's A Beautiful Face makeup class. I met Alexandra the first time at The NYC Makeup show last May; before then I had been following her work since an interview she did on Erin Bailey's (Scandalous Beauty) beauty blog.

Alex is a beautiful and amazingly talented freelance makeup artist who currently lives in Atlanta. She worked for Mac for a while and now she's professionally freelancing on her own. She has all kinds of clients from your every day women to celebrity clients. She has done makeup for cast members from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and also Real Housewives of Atlanta TV shows. I've always admired her flawless face makeup, especially the way she sculpts and contours or as she would say "snatched up your face."

Alex and I talking after class, even though I met her twice she talks to you just like a long time girlfriend :-)

Alex has been hosting makeup shows in several states and she made her way to DC this past Sunday, I couldn't wait (I registered back in February)! I loved the class so much, I really don't know where to begin. The class was designed to help anyone whether you're beginning to apply makeup to a makeup artist to enhance the techniques you already have and to correctly apply makeup. She also showed us tips and tricks to take your makeup to the next level.

The class syllabus

The class was very informative and interactive. Once we got there and registered, we were given a two page syllabus (yes, a syllabus!)on all of the material that we would would be going over in class. Alex patiently answered all of our questions from color theory, skin care, kit must haves, makeup techniques, product recommendations and the list goes on.

I don't thing there was not one question that she didn't have an answer to. Even though we were learning, Alex made it fun and non intimidating...her personality is so sweet and down to earth and she didn't mind sharing her knowledge as well some of her mistakes that she learned from.

All the notes I took!

Alex covered a lot in the class, I really liked that she covered color theory because that's one of the things that I wanted to expand on, I also like the information she shared on perfecting brows (something that I struggle with at times) and highlighting and seems like I can never learn enough and practice on those three areas.

Alex and the makeup model 

The finished look on the model

Alex also did a full face makeup demo, she started off with skin care and then worked her way to a full face look that included an eyelash demo as well. The model that she used had hooded eyes like mine, so; it was nice to see different ways to wear eyeshadow on hooded eyes.

At times I get so irritated with my eye space, when you have hooded eyes; you can wear as many shades as you want on your lid but when you open your eyes you can barely see any shadow on the lid because of the hooded skin covering the top of your lid. I was glad that I learned new techniques to make my eyes look bigger and maximize my eye space.

Swag Basket

All through the class and and makeup demo, Alex gave away skin care products, makeup and even jewelry to fill our swag baskets that she personally picked. At the end of the class, Alex answered more of our questions and gave away giveaway prizes; everyone was able to win a gift.

I won big! I won an awesome gift bag full of Koils by Nature products. The owner, Pamela Jenkins is a friend of Alex and one of the sponsors for the class. Koils by Nature is a woman owned company that provides natural hair and skin care line products...anything involving self care products is one of my passions so I was so excited to win this giveaway.

The bag contained 6 full sized products including the: Moisturizing Shealove Leave-In conditioner, Replenishing Lavender and Eucalyptus hair cleanser, Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep conditioner, Soothing Herbal Curl Defining Eucaluptus and Lavender gel, a 2 oz 100% pure Argan oil bottle, a Nourishing Hair and Body Butter in Marvelous Mango, a custom made Koils by Nature wooden earrings set and a satin cap for my hair in addition to a 15% off coupon for a future order.

I'm so loving this set, I gave away a few items to my mom and so far I tried the Shea butter last night and my skin still feels so soft and smooth this afternoon. I also used the Argan oil on my face as a night time moisturizer, it moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy. It's time for me to wash my hair this week, so I can't wait to use the hair cleanser and conditioners.

I thoroughly enjoyed Alex's class, it was inspiring and I learned so much information and picked up some new tips. Alex's personality and humble attitude made the class very enjoyable. She still has other classes available this summer in a few other states and she will be conducting her first international class this year.

If you're interested in taking any Alex's classes, click HERE.

To view Alex's work and like her Facebook page, click HERE.

To learn more about Koils by Nature products and purchase, click HERE.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Keeping up with my Blog, since Google Reader is Ending...

Hey, Dolls

It's my understanding that Google Friend Connect will be ending on July 1, 2013, because of this development; it will change the way you keep up with blogs that you are following or subscribed to. In order to keep up with my blog, there are several options.

1. You can subscribe to my posts on my blog, but clicking the "Subscribe To" box on the right side of my blog.

2. The second option is to follow by email by entering your email address in the "Follow by Email" box, once you enter your email; you will be prompted to verify your email address and you will begin receiving emails when my blog has been updated with a new post.

3. The third and final way to keep up with my blog is by following it on Bloglovin! The Bloglovin link is found on the right side of my blog. All you need to join Bloglovin is an email address to create an account and from there you can start following your favorite blogs.

If you already have a Bloglovin account, you can transfer all of your Google Reader subscriptions to Bloglovin instantly by following the steps in this link. Once you've set up an account on Bloglovin, it will email you once a day with all of the current posts from the blogs that you're following. You can also log in to Bloglovin regularly to view your Bloglovin feed.

I hope these options sound simple enough, my favorite option is the third one, which is to follow by Bloglovin because it allows you to follow all of your blogs and read them on one site conveniently.

I'm grateful to all of you who are already following and supporting my blog and I hope that you continue to support's much appreciated.