Thursday, September 29, 2016

Elegant Night LOTN and OOTN! (Look of the night & Outfit of the Night)

Before I left for vacation, I was gifted some makeup from a friend. She gave me the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette, a few Zoeva blushes and a Tom Ford Cream color. Of course, after she gave it to me she told me that she wanted to see a makeup look that I created using the products. I wasn't going to post it because the lighting isn't the best; but, here it is along with what I wore on Elegant night.

What I'm Wearing:

-Jumper by Rainbow Shops
-Heels gifted by a friend
-Clutch by Lane Bryant
-Necklace, ring and earrings by Vivi Jewelry
-Bracelet by Body Central

Makeup Deets:


-Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Caramel


-Too Faced shadow insurance for eye primer
-Mac Arena eyeshadow as brow highlight
-Viseart matte brown eyeshadow as transition color
-Viseart matte dark brown eyeshadow in crease
-Viseart matte black/Zoeva Onyx eyshadows to darken crease
-Zoeva Ore Stone eyeshadow on lid
-The Balm Schwing Black liquid eyeliner
-Broadway Strip Lash glue
-G.L.A.M. by Samantha Ann Yanni Mink lashes


-Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre' as face primer
-Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter Peach lustre pen to color correct
-Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation NC45
-Cover Girl Queen pressed powder in Golden
-Zoeva Last Love Blush
-Missy Lynn palette (brown shadow for cheek contour)
-Missy Lynn palette (gold highlighter on cheeks)


-Mac D for Danger lipstick

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GLAM All-Star Voyage: Makeup Cruise! Part 2 (The Experience!)

Hello Glamour Dolls,

As mentioned in a previous post, I attended the Glam All-Star Voyage cruise; it's a cruise where you can vacation and take makeup classes from some of the most talented and accomplished Makeup Artists in the business...the classes are discounted because you're already spending money on the cruise and/or airfare. The port of sail changes every year, last year was Miami and this year we sailed out of New Orleans. The cruise was just as great as it was last year! Read on for my experience, and for some new tips and tricks that I learned.

Glam bag

The first day of the cruise, after sail away, was a meet & greet held at the Red Frog pub on the Lido deck. There, I met the wonderful travel agent, Sameisha Adolph that planned the entire cruise and a few of the artists teaching the classes. I also received my Glam bag, which all of the attendees received.

Contents of the Glam bag

The Glam bag contained a beautiful itinerary/program and bio on the artists, supplies from Qosmedix, a pair of lashes, lash holder, a sample moisturizer from Face Putty and coupons from sponsors.


What's in my Kit & A Nicely Face: Bridal Edition:

I attended Lauren Nicely's class A Nicely Face: Bridal Edition which she also combined it with her What's in my Kit class. Lauren shared all of her kit must-haves with us and why she prefers those products. A lot of the products that she uses in her kit, I use for my own makeup and also in my professional kit. There were a few products that she recommended that I will be definitely buying like the Fashion Fair Oil Control Pressed Powders in Kola and Sable. They are two warm, flattering colors to contour with for women of color.

Lauren's Kit Essentials

For the second half of her class, Lauren did a full makeup demo on how she does her brides from skin prep to a full face makeup application. She did a flawless face with a gorgeous neutral eye with glitter applied on top. She used Mac All that Glitters for the lid color, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Caramel for transition color and Mac Embark for a crease color. The glitter applied on top of All that Glitters came out so beautiful!

All of the attendees for the class

Some Tips that I learned...

1. For clients that have mature or wrinkly skin, do not use finely milled powder because it has the tendency to settle into their skin and creases. It's best to use a sheer loose powder so that it doesn't settle.

2. For brow grooming or to give an appearance of a fuller brows, brush brow hairs up (which will show you what needs to be cut), take brow scissors and cut off excess hair; then proceed to filling in brows.

A Beautiful Face 103: Hands On Experience:

The last day, I attended Alexandra Butler's class, A Beautiful Face 103. This class was very hands on and informative. Alex demonstrated how she does a beautiful face in a step by step process. As she did the process on the model, we had to practice what she was teaching us... on ourselves. She provided all of the makeup; before taking the class, she instructed us on what brushes to bring for the makeup application.

As we applied the makeup on ourselves, she went by one by one, to each attendee to make sure that we were doing the techniques correctly, and to assist us if we needed any help. I really like the hands on method more than what I thought I would because you get the best of both worlds, you get to see the makeup demo, learn the technique, then practice it on yourself and you get Alex's feedback as to what may need improvement.

Alex's Kit
Swag bags we were given in class!
The Swag bag contents and the syllabus for the class.
My before picture...

My brows after Alex helped me with them, one had an arch and one didn't...she helped me create the arch.

The Limitless look book and the brush belt that I won in a giveaway!
Alex and I

A new friend that I met in class!
I finally got to take a picture with Lauren!
My after picture...on my eyes, I did a smokey eye with a black base and green eyeshadow. 

Some Tips that I learned...

1.  When doing a smokey eye, use a black base like an eye kohl or black eyeliner first on the lid, blend it out and then apply a color of your choice on top to create a vibrant smokey eye. This may seem like a basic tip, but, when I did it in class, it took a pretty green eyeshadow to a gorgeous, vibrant green in seconds.

2. When filling in brows, use two colors (one lighter color and one that matches) to give you a more natural look. The lighter color should be applied in front, and the color that matches your brow should be applied through the arch and the tail. Be sure to blend where the two meet. The lighter color in the front mimics the appearance of the fade that occurs naturally in the front of your brow. I have been practicing this tip since I got back from the cruise and it makes my brows looks so much more groomed and polished.

Glam All-Star Voyage Activities

Besides the initial meet and greet, there were a few other activities planned for the Glam All-Star attendees. There was a beach party in Cozumel at Mr. Sanchos and there was a cocktail hour in the disco.

The cocktail hour was fun, we got a chance to enjoy free drinks, and mix and mingle with each other. I had met Alex before a few years back at The Makeup Show and I when I attended one of her classes before and she's the real deal, very down to earth and funny. It was nice chatting when her & the girls.

Drinks on deck!

In Between The Glam

What happened in between the classes and the Glam All-Star activities? Lots of fun, sleep, food and relaxation!

Gratis from the Travel Agent, Sameisha!

Me on Elegant night!

Our Travel Agent, Samiesha, kept hooking us up!

Burgers & fries from Guy's Burger Joint on the ship, they were so good! I ate there every day.

Watching late night movies on the Lido deck...

Progreso, Mexico

Dancing waiters in the dining room :-)


My true happy place...
Miami Vice...I should had had two!

Visiting Zatarain's Kitchen in New Orleans
Gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Beauty and Lifestyle Travel Essentials

Traveling creates opportunities to pack just enough of your essentials or either over pack. When it comes to beauty and lifestyle items, I tend to lean on the over packing side because I love having options to chose from.

Here are a few of my must-have essentials that I pack for all of my trips (except weekend getaways). I guess you could also file these under the "if you're ever stranded on a desert island, what would you have to have" category.

Clarisonic Mia 2 

Nothing is as good as washing and exfoliating my face as my Clarisonic Mia 2. I love it! My face feels the difference every time I wash, it gives a deep but gentle clean, removes every trace of makeup and leaves my skin soft and radiant. My Mia 2 has been kicking for years and it's on it's last leg, so; I upgraded to the Mia 3.

Baby Wipes 

I've been using baby wipes for years to remove my makeup. They are less inexpensive than makeup wipes and you get more for your money. I can easily get between 70-80 wipes for $3, in each pack. In addition to removing makeup, they are also good for just freshening up when you need to. I don't have a favorite brand, just any brand that's on sale that week.

Eye Shadow Palettes

Traveling with my eyeshadow palettes are a must! I still manage to do my eyes when I'm traveling and I have to take several palettes because (again) I need options! Below are four that I normally travel with:

1. Missy Lynn - This palette has six shadows and two gorgeous highlighters. I use it solely for the highlighters because they are a gorgeous cheek highlight. The two darker brown eyeshadows are what I use for contouring because they are dark enough and they have just the right amount of warmth for contouring.

2. Urban Decay Naked 1 - Traveling with a neutral palette is a must, and the Naked 1 palette is perfect for that, it's my fave out of all the naked palettes. I also like that the darker shades on the right of the palette can be used for creating a dope smokey eye when I want to switch it up.

3. Juvia's Place Nubian 2 - Such a gorgeous palette! The pigmentation is crazy and the shadows apply effortlessly. This palette is great to travel with because the array of colors gives me a break from neutral shades.

4. Viseart Mattes - The Viseart matte eyeshdaow palette is the creme de le creme of mattes to me! Whenever I do an eyeshshadow look, I always use this palette at least once. This palette is great for filling in my brows in a pinch and contouring. Not to mention, the size of it is perfect for traveling.

False Lashes 

I always travel with lashes. I love to have them for that extra touch of glam! Also, since my eyes are hooded, my regular lashes with several coats of mascara just doesn't cut it for me. So, I need lashes to open up my eyes.

1. Kara Lashes - I always travel with at least one pair of Kara lashes. They are $1 from Shop Miss A. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes that compliment any look.

2. JoMichelle STACKED. Rae Lashes - When I want to have the full-on glam look that regular lashes don't deliver, I go for my stacked lashes. I love the Jo Michelle stacked lashes in Rae. They are so dramatic, voluminous, and so glamorous all in one. You will definitely stand out and turn heads wearing these lashes.

Satin Pillowcase

I sleep on a satin pillowcase every night and I travel with it always. I sleep on it because satin helps keep the moisture in my hair, and it keeps my moisturizer/night cream on my face while cotton absorbs and dries the moisture in my hair and face out. Also, I don't have sleep lines on my face when I sleep on a satin pillow case, and it's nice to travel with something that reminds you of your own bed.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

This is one of my holy grail products, I love this cream! It's a makeup remover, moisturizer and face primer in one. Whenever I apply foundation, I only need to use this to prep my skin because it acts as my moisturizer and primer.

A lot of primers that I've used completely matte my face too much, (even when they don't claim to mattify) and when I apply foundation it buckles and applies so dry, this is never an issue when I use this cream. Plus, it locks in moisture for 24 hours and my makeup stays on until I take it off. I buy it in the 1 oz size which is good to carry for traveling and TSA approved.


Of course, I can't travel without my lippes, who couldn't?! I would love to take as many as I want, but I narrow it down to at least one shade in the pinks, berries, reds, browns and orange categories. I always travel with one berry lip liner and one brown lip liner. The shades below are not what I travel with, I just pick shades at random.

From left to right: Mac Lady Danger l/s, Magnolia Makeup Godiva, Mac Vino lip liner, Magnolia Makeup Sista Girl, Wink and Pout Velvet Rope and Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick

Poo-pourri Spray

Poopourri spray is an item that I keep with me all the time. It's a toilet spray with a blend of essential oils to eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors, particularly after you do a number 2. It really works! A coworker first introduced me to this years ago to deodorize our workroom bathroom (and no, I wasn't the person who funked it up).

I received this bottle in my Essence Beauty Box a few months ago. They come in a variety of scents and the 2 oz bottle (pictured below) is small enough to put in your purse, TSA size approved and can last up to 100 uses. You never know when you will have to go and no one will ever know what you did when you use this spray.

Do you have any must-have beauty/lifestyle travel essentials?