Friday, November 6, 2015

I am going to the Ultimate Beauty Seminar feat. Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez!!!

Hey, Dolls!

I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to attend the Ultimate Beauty Seminar with my all time favorite makeup artist, Sam Fine; along with Renny Vasquez! 

I have been loving and following Sam Fine's work since I was a teenager. I have his book, his DVD and I've wanted to meet him on several occasions at The Makeup Show but I've always missed him. Now, I finally get to meet and learn from him! I have been following Renny's work on Instagram for a while now and I really love his flawless beats, he can give you an all out beat or just a very natural glam look. 

Now for my story...

When these two announced they were bringing their final class to DC, initially; I knew I wanted to go BUT I saw the $300 investment and talked myself out of it...especially since I had just come off a makeup cruise where I had  just paid to take some classes. I convinced myself not to go, and then the DC class sold out in 2 hours after the tickets went out sale. I figured no big deal, the class is sold out; I can't go anyway, but it stayed on my mind constantly. Then, Renny announced on Instagram that since the DC class sold out so quickly they were going to see if they could get a bigger ballroom and release more tickets to sell! I kept thinking about my funds...paying the $99 deposit wasn't too bad of an issue, it's the rest of it that's due the day of the class. #thestruggleisreal

I said to myself "this is their last class", this is also the opportunity to be taught by two of the greatest in makeup artistry. Plus, the class is from 10am-5pm. I have paid almost the same price of this class for classes that were only 2 hours long for 1 artist; and this is an all day event to see 2 artists... it really is a steal and an investment at the same time. So, when the tickets were released for those on the wait list (like myself) I went on and paid my deposit and sacrificed some expenses in my budget so that I could afford to pay the remaining balance.  I'm glad I did it, I can't wait and I'll definitely will be writing about my experience! 

Makeup and beauty is one of my passions and my craft in life and to be taught by someone who is at the top in the industry, who I've admired for so long is just mind boggling!!! I can't even articulate it sufficiently, it's just an honor and a privilege and it will be an unforgettable experience!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Glam ALL-Star Voyage Makeup Cruise Experience! (Pic Heavy+LOTD)

Hey Dolls,

I went on the Glam ALL-Star Voyage makeup cruise last month and I really enjoyed myself! I took two classes on the cruise, "Highlighting and Contouring: Cream vs Powder" and a "A Nicely Face." I won't go into too much detail because the classes offered by all of the artists are still being offered to take; and I don't want to spoil it for the artists or any potential attendees. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I completely enjoyed the idea of learning about makeup while on vacation! Read on for my full experience and pics.

The Carnival Victory... BKA my home for those 5 peaceful days!

The first day!

Meet and Greet makeup panel...I'm on the far left with the black and red shirt on. This pic is from the Glam All-Star Voyage Instagram page.

The first day was an open panel to meet the Glam All-Stars. All of the artists were there to introduce themselves and just talk. It was also an open floor discussion for any questions we had. There were questions from how to get started in the business, contracts, product choices, techniques, color theory, client etiquette and lots more. All four of the artists all had different personalities and each made the cruise a successful one, they were all genuine, humble and down to earth.

It was there at the meet and greet that we received our Glam All-Star swag bags. The bag had giveaways from the Glam All-Star voyage sponsors. I received a pair of Qosmedix lashes, eye lash curlers, tweezers, a Morphe eyeshadow brush, lip balm and some coupons to use from the sponsors.

First day of class!

The first class that I took was by Lauren Nicely and it was the Highlighting and Contouring: Cream vs Powder. She compared the advantages and some disadvantages of using both. For an example, using cream to highlight and contour can be heavy if not applied properly; and it can be time consuming to blend it sufficiently as a opposed to powder.

Some tips that I learned...

1. To give a more defined, sculpted look under the cheek contour, she uses the wedge of  the cosmetic wedge and she applies Banana powder (any translucent powder will due) directly under the contour, with the wedge. She lets it sit to absorb any excess oils ("bake") and then she brushes it away and it gives you that crisp and defined cheek contour.

2. If you want a more softer, sculpted look under the cheek contour instead of a crisp, defined look; (instead of using the cosmetic wedge) you can use a dense blending brush to go back and forth to blend out the Banana powder or translucent powder.

The model was highlighted and contoured using cream on the left side; and powder on the right side.

Lauren's kit staples
3. If you ever go in too heavily with a contour powder on the cheeks, you can use a shade that is lighter than the contour to diffuse the heaviness.

Wear your Best Face!

There was a "Wear your Best Face" cocktail hour held on the ship for the Glam All-Star attendees! It took me a whole hour to do my "best face" and I still didn't get a chance to highlight and contour like I wanted, neither do I think that this look was my best face (sighs). I was shocked when Kleurmoi told me that my face was "beat!" Thanks girl!

Rocking my "I love makeup" necklace!
Waiting for my lashes to dry...

Anyways, the cocktail hour had nice drinks and hors d'oeuveres; it was nice to chat and mix and mingle with the artists and other attendees. I only wore the makeup for an hour as my massage was directly after the cocktail hour.

What I'm wearing...


-Mac Spiked brow pencil
-La Pro Girl concealer Fawn


-Too Faced Shadow insurance eye primer
-Mac Arena e/s as highlight color
-Viseart light brown e/s as transition color
-Lorac Taupe e/s as crease color
-Lorac Deep Purple e/s as lid color
-Wet n Wild Fergie Lil Black dress creme eyeliner on upper lashline
-Lorac Deep Purple e/s on lower lashine
-Wink & Pout Seductive lashes/Beauty Supply Store glue


-Black Opal Pore Perfecting foundation in Truly Topaz
-La Pro Girl concealer in Fawn
-Mac NC45 Studio Finish concealer under eyes
-Ben Nye Banana powder under eyes
-Bobbi Brown peach corrector (cheeks and under eyes)
-Mac Prep + Prime highlighter pen in peach lustre (around mouth)
-Ben Nye Dolce powder
-Viseart taupe/gray e/s as cheek/nose contour
-Missy Lynn gold highlighter on cheeks/nose


-Mac Vino lip liner
-Mac Rebel l/s

Right before dinner that night, I personally met Kleurmoi (middle); her sister (right); and their friend from Belgium (left). 

My second class!

The second class I took was held on the last day before going back home, and it was "The Nicely Face" class. Lauren Nicely showed us how she does a full face of makeup.

Some tips that I learned...

1. You can color correct with the same color concealer as the client's skin. Lauren demonstrated this in class and the results were flawless. I practiced this technique while I was on the cruise and it works when I want to conceal my dark circles; but no so much when I want to conceal the darkness around my mouth. I still use an orange corrector to cancel out the darkness around my mouth.

Working on the eyes...
2. Pressing powder into the skin as opposed to sweeping it on the skin ensures that the foundation will last longer before getting oily and shiny.

Finished look
3. To make eyeshadow look more pigmented, you can use the press and slide method. You press the shadow down in the center of the lid first; and then slide the color on to the rest of the lid instead of sweeping it on. Lauren demonstrated this in class and it came out super pigmented! She got the technique from another makeup artist but I completely forgot her name. 

I got this picture directly from Lauren's Instagram page; this is the before and after look for that class. 

The last day...

After my last class, we had a wrap up and closing panel with all of the artists and attendees for words of appreciation, closing remarks, suggestions for the next makeup cruise, sharing with them a few things that we learned and for giveaways. Later on that night, was the farewell Glam party in the disco!

The Glam All-Stars from left to right: JoMichelle (far left), Kluermoi, Lauren Nicely; and Alexandra Butler (right).  This pic was from the Glam All-Star Voyage Instagram's page. 

In Between The Glam...

Just a few pictures to highlight the fun that I had in between the glam! *Sidenote* this was a five day cruise and I wore makeup for at least four of those days...can you believe it?! I thought I was going to wear it at least two days; but, I kept wanting to practice some of the tips that I learned!

The travel agent for the Glam All-Star Voyage hooked us up with these treats, she's one of the best TA's!
Total bliss, relaxing at my fave place on the bed :-)
Lobster night was delicious!
Me eating my fave dessert on the cruise..bitter and blanc!
Striking a pose on elegant night :-)
Cayman Islands

Completely Relaxed!!!! #thegoodlife 
Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Neutral Pop of Melon LOTD

Hey, Dolls

Here is a look I did last week using some of the new techniques that I learned on the Glam All-Star voyage (that post is forthcoming). It's a neutral look with a pop of Melon pigment that I won from a giveaway thanks to Sheer Beauty's blog! I haven't used Mac eye shadows in a while, so; this look features all Mac shadows.

-Mac Spiked brow pencil

-Lorac Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer
-Mac Arena e/s as highlight color
-Mac Saddle e/s as transition color
-Mac Folie e/s as crease color
-Mac Melon pigment on lid
-Wet n Wild Fergie creme line in Little Black dress
-Kara lashes #213
-Drugstore lash glue

-Smashbox Photo Primer
-La Girls Pro concealer in Fawn under eyes/face
-Mac Prep + Prime highlighter pen in peach lustre around mouth
-Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting foundation in Truly Topaz
-Ben Nye Dolce powder
-Missy Lynn palette (the two darker brown eye shadows for my cheek contour)
-Missy Lynn palette (the gold highlighter for my cheek highlight)

-Mac Cork lip liner
-Mac Verve lipstick

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Products I thought I wouldn't like but I love! (Mini Review)

Hey, Dolls!

Here are five products that I bought thinking that they would disappoint...but I've used them and found uses for them; and will definitely buy again. This is a mini review, so I will make this quick and to the point.

1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash  

I've tried several cleansers for acne and none of them really did what they claim. I tried this because it was oil free but I really didn't think it would do the job. It's a really good cleanser; and after using it, my breakouts are very rare. I broke out several times a week (regularly) before using this cleanser and since using it my breakouts are months apart; and when they come they don't stay around at all...they are gone in a day or two. It's made with salicylic acid that treats breakouts and prevents new breakouts from forming. 

2. Missy Lynn Eyeshadow and Baked Highlighters Palette

I follow Missy Lynn on You Tube and Instagram and saw her promoting her palette and I really, really was not going to buy it because I have so many palettes. After seeing pics and swatches of the highlighters, I had to get them. The highlighters are very pigmented, they rival all other highlighters that I have in my collection that are high end AND this palette is less than $15 while most of the high end highlighters cost anywhere from $20-$50 for (1) highlighter. 

I initially got the palette to use for the highlighters, but; I decided to try the eyeshadows for contouring. The darker reddish-brown color on the top right is perfect for contouring the face; the lighter brown color on the second row is great for subtle contouring on the face. This is a must-have palette for me, (even if you just want the highlighters) it's one of the palettes that I take with me when I travel. 

3. Ben Nye Dolce Powder

I use Ben Nye powders in my kit and I decided to keep this one for myself because the shade matches me so well. I love it! It's cheap ($10) and it keeps my face matte. Sometimes when applying powders after foundation the powder can make the foundation appear darker than it really is...I don't have the problem when using this powder because it aids the foundation to stay true to color. I was using the Mac Studio Care Blend pressed powder (religiously), but now I have found a less inexpensive and comparable alternative. 

4. Mac Haute and Naughty Mascara (Waterproof)

Smaller wand for defined lashes
Bigger wand for voluminous, dramatic lashes

I bought this as a recommendation from a Mac employee because I have an issue with my mascara smudging under my eyes. She suggested I purchase this in the waterproof version. I didn't think much of it; but, I was pleasantly surprised. It's long-wearing and smudge proof. I love that it has two wands, one for defined lashes and the other for voluminous, thick lashes. I used the smaller wand the most for the defined lashes because it gets out all of the clumps to give you precise and defined lashes. 

5. Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen in Peach Luster

I bought this to use as highlighter for my face when I highlight and contour but it didn't do the job as a highlighter (for me). The shade is in peach luster, but, it's more orange than peach. I really planned on returning it... one day I decided to use it as a corrector to cancel out the darkness around my mouth and from acne scarring. 

I discovered that it works excellent as a corrector! I apply it before foundation or sometimes after and then I add concealer or another layer of foundation. It completely cancels out all of the darkness and the "mustache" halo around my mouth.