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Mac Surf Baby Mini Haul!

I think the packaging is so cute!

As much as I love Mac and would love to buy something from all of their collections, I'm just not able to do it all the time, but; I have always loved their Summer collections and since I didn't get anything from last year's To the Beach collection- I couldn't pass up on Surf Baby! I bought the My Paradise cheek powder, Sun Blonde eyeshadow and the Hibiscus lipstick.


I had to get this, the color is so beautiful and I don't have a coral blush in my collection so this was a must- have for me. The gold overspray is a bit different for me, after swatching it, I'll probably won't use it. I could barely see the cheek powder and gold overspray when I mixed them together, I doubt I'll be using them both together. I love the coral color by itself. It's so gorgeous, I've seen it swatched on all complexions and it's very flattering for every skin tone.

UPDATE: After trying the blush on, I noticed that the coverage is very buildable. The coral color doesn't need any building (for me) but I like how you can build the gold overspray. I think I'll be using the overspray after all.

Left: cheek powder, middle: gold overspray, right: cheek powder mixed w/ gold overspray


This was the only eyeshadow color that I wanted, I've been wanting a mustard-yellow eyeshadow like this for a while now, it has hints of chartreuse in it, which I absolutely love...since I've been loving Inglot eyeshadows, I haven't been to crazy about Mac shadows like I used to be, but this one is a hit. It good's pigmentation and it applies well.

Sun Blonde eyeshadow swatch

I really didn't plan on buying any lipstick form this collection but since Mac offered free shipping AFTER I placed my order for the cheek powder and eyeshadow, I figured I would get something else. I saw swatches of the Hibiscus lipstick on Twitter and I thought it was pretty, plus, I don't have a coral lipstick so I figured I would get Hibiscus. It's a stunning coral color and it's a creemsheen lipstick so it's very moisturizing.



I'm pleased with my purchases,  I may be a little biased becuase I don't have any coral makeup; so that's why I was excited about the cheek powder and lipstick. I've only swatched the products, I haven't worn any of the colors yet but- I will do a look using all 3 of the products. When I first bought all 3 items, they sold out the next day but now the website says "Coming Soon, " so, if you're planning on getting these items from the collection-act now before they're gone for good!

BTW... Adventures in Makeup is having a giveaway for a free My Paradise cheek powder!

What do you think about the Surf Baby collection? Will you purchase or pass?


Jennifer said…
Totally dupable!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
I like your honesty Jennifer! I would have passed if I already had coral in my stash :)
Sher said…
lovely haul,i ned the lippy!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks Sher, I tried the lipstick on last night, it was so pretty! I love it!
totally pass!

I need some new makeup myself!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
What new makeup are you thinking about getting?
KayKay said…
yes definately try the bronzers, they are great for women of color. i cant wait to see how my paradise looks on you. maybe ill be convinced to try it out. nice haul =)
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks, I plan on getting one of those bronzers if they don't sell out. I'm going to do the Surf Baby LOTD this weekend with the My Paradise powder. Hopefully it won't be a bad makeup day for me :)
Great Review of the Surf Baby Collection. You were one of the lucky people to get a hold of that Paradise Cheek Powder. Most counters were sold out within a couple of hours after they opened last week.

I just followed this blog. Good job!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks! Fortunately Mac opened the collection early to Pro members and I was able to get it before it sold out. I'm glad I did, I don't have anything else like it.

Thanks for following! I discovered your blog about a week ago, very nice :)
QT said…
I'm going to pass on this collection but that e/s is beautiful!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
It is beautiful, it applies like a chartreuse color, I love it.

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