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My Summer Beauty Routine...

Hi Glamour Dolls!

I'm loving the warmer temperatures and all of the cute clothes and accessories that summer brings but as much as I love the warmer weather the heat and perspiration causes me to simplify my beauty routine.  Here is my simplified beauty regimen and a few of my most loved products for this time of year.


From left to right: Mac Fix Plus, Mac Oil Control lotion and Avon Blot sheets...

To combat the extra oil my skin produces in the summer I apply Mac Oil Control lotion every day to reduce the oil on my skin. I apply a lot around my nose and forehead because this is where I retain the most oil.

To get rid of the midday shine I use Avon Oil blotting sheets. I love these sheets because they take away the shine without ruining my makeup. I also use my beloved Mac Fix Plus to refresh my skin for those humid and sticky days.


I really don't wear foundation in the summer a lot unless I'm making a special appearance or going out because I want less products on my face in the summer. If and when I do wear any foundation in the summer, I use liquid foundations ONLY!

I use MUFE HD Invisilbe (which I just ran out of) and Mac Face and Body foundation in the summer. I really use Mac Face and Body in the summer because it's water based and it's the lightest of the two.


Concealer is really what I use on my face throughout the entire summer. I apply it to the spots that only need concealing like under my eyes and on my cheeks. I absolutely love the MUFE HD Invisible concealer, it conceals wonderfully and provides a dewy finish.

I don't use my Mac Studio Finish concealer a lot in the summer only because it's a bit drying on my skin, but I love the coverage of it... occasionally, I also use my Mac Select Cover up concealer-it gives a nice under eye highlight.


Powder helps to keep makeup in place but it also helps to set makeup so that it doesn't melt away from the hot temperatures. My favorite face powder right now is MUFE HD Invisible powder (Can ya'll tell I'm slowly becoming a MUFE fan, never thought I see the day when that would happen!)

The powder is so light and you really don't need a lot, plus it feels so good on your skin. I do love it! I've been using it a lot because it's so small, it takes up less space in my cosmetic bag...I don't have to go searching for my other bulky face powders.


I really like to wear bronzer in the summer time. It provides a sun-kissed glow to the skin and it also acts as blush. I apply it to the areas that the sun hits like my cheeks, forehead and sometimes my chin. I wear Mac Golden bronzer and Elf Sun Kissed bronzer.

Mac Golden Bronze on left and Elf Sun Kissed bronzer on right...

Elf makes some great bronzers with excellent pigmentation for $1. I have several of their bronzers for my personal use and for my kit. When I first swatched these two bronzers, I could barely tell the difference between the two!


I love to play up my eyes but some days I don't feel like doing my eyes so sometimes instead of wearing eyeshadow I wear a nude eye base or primer and line my eyes with a colored eye liner to give me a pop of color.

I really like the colored liners by Avon, Elf, Mac and Wet n Wild. I always wear mascara no matter what the weather is like... it opens up your eyes and it gives a nice girlish pop to your eyes.


Another thing that I include in my summer beauty routine is shaving! I keep my under arms shaved because I don't like having a hairy jungle under my arms and I keep my legs shaved in the summer.

I used to use Nair but now I love my Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Flirty Mango, it smells heavenly and it's made with olive butter and vitamin E which makes your skin feel smooth and soft as a baby's butt! I also use body oils in the summer because they provide a nice shine to my skin.


For those extra hot and sticky days, I use baby wipes for a quick touch up and then I use body mists to refresh my skin. I especially love my Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret body mists.


Can't wait to wear these!

I can not mention my summer beauty routine without mentioning my feet and toes. I love wearing my sandals, slides, wedges and espadrilles but my feet can't be jacked up.

If I can't go to the salon and get a pedicure, I do my feet myself, I make it a point to keep them moist with foot cream and I make sure my toe nails do not grow unruly... my toes STAY polished! Beauty is not just for your face it includes head to toe care.

That's my simplified summer beauty routine. What's yours? Do you keep it simple for summer or do you keep your regular beauty routine? Be sure to vote in my poll on the top right corner :)


Agent Elle said…
Hey Gabs! I have oily skin too, and this MD heat is NO JOKE, so I like keeping it simple also.

My go-to products in the summer are the Ruby Kisses foundation I told you about (just a little) and MAC blot powder. For my cheeks, I use Mally's Fely's Flush cream blush on most days(loooooove). When I went kit-shopping for the wedding, I ran across a brand called No. 9 and picked up their blush called Coral Flush. For eyes, I prefer cream products b/c I can do quick swipes/washes of color. I use either the paint pots, the Buxom shadows, the Shiseido creams, or Mally's cream shadow. I had stopped using concealer, but after reading this post, I pulled out my Studio Finish, and I liked the way it looked lol. I also like bronzer, and I've found that a CoverGirl one from the Queen selection works great for me.

As for everything else, my Clinique moisturizer controls oil well. My face used to get soooo slick. When I went to Vegas, I stopped by the Fresh store and picked up their body moisturizer. Smells like lemons! It's a really light and clean scent.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Wow Lynnie!

I love your routine girl... I've heard you and a few other people rave about Ruby Kisses and I love their polish so I'm going to take a closer look at their makeup. You talk about Mally all the time but I have yet to try any of her products (shameful I know),I will though.

Everyone else is talking about Cover Girl Queen bronzers, I heard they're really good for contouring. I'm going to visit the drug store in a few days and buy one of the bronzers. As for the Fresh store is that like Lush?
Agent Elle said…
I've never been in LUSH (crazy right?), but I don't know that they are the same. LUSH is organic, right? Fresh reminds me of a Bare Escentuals boutique actually. Their stuff is at Sephora too. I don't think we have a Fresh here.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Yeah, LUSH is organic.

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