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I'm Hitting Pan...Are you?

Yay!!! I'm finally hitting pan on lipstick! For those that don't know, hitting pan means that you've used a product so much that you can start to see the inside pan of the container... in other words-you've used the product so much that you're about to run out of it :) I've hit pan on products before but never lipstick.

Mac "O" and Viva Glam VI SE
 Mac "O" lipstick (purplish-red with golden pearl) which is the first lipstick I ever bought from Mac and Viva Glam VI special edition (blue based pink) are the two lipsticks that I'm hitting pan on. "O" I have had forever (shameful, I know) and Viva Glam VI I've had for a year... I've been wearing it to work every day and now it's almost gone. I love Viva Glam VI... I've never been crazy about "O" but it's wearing on me.

Can you tell how much I've been wearing them? Look how tall the Pink Nouveau lipstick is in comparison!

Swatches: Mac "O" on left and Viva Glam VI SE on right...

Will I Repurchase Them?

No, I have too many other lipsticks (at least 20) in my collection that I need to use. The Viva Glam VI SE was a limited edition anyway so I can't repurchase it, even if I wanted to.

What lippies or makeup are you hitting pan on? Will you repurchase any of them?


CocoagirlD said…
Hey sis, yeah your doing a good job.. I am trying to hit pan on some items too tired of looking at them lol shame some of my Mac lip itmes ive had over an year and I dont think i would repurchase them either its too many non mac dupes out there that i can purchase instead and cheaper that way I can buy more stuff lol..
Sher said…
im hitting the pan on Nars sheer glow,Ian second to none luminous foundation,Mac Viva glam cyndi lipglass,Mac lipgelee in Valentines and my Mac chatterbox lipstick
I'm totally with you on the using what you family jokes because I have so much crap. They're like you only have one pair of eyes, a set of lips and a nose...yet you have enough makeup for 50 lol. It's starting to make me think twice before buying new stuff.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Cocoa: Hey girl! Yes, I have many items just sitting there that I've never worn either. I'm just now using makeup I bought in November! Now, I'm starting to use makeup I bought in April smh!

@Sher: Wow, Sher... a couple more Mac items and you'll have enough to back 2 Mac for your free item. I know you really like the Iman and Nars foundation-you use them a lot on your blog FOTD's.

@: Girl Rates World: Yes, girl I'm trying to use what I have, which happens to be a lot... I'm tired of my makeup sitting there literally collecting dust :)
Miss Dre said…
Wow I've never hit the pan on any of my mac lippies. Looks like I need to go on a lipstick no-buy asap!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Hey Ms. Dre!

Best wishes on the "lipstick no-buy" I know it can be so tempting to give in and buy at times :)
Jennifer said…
I wish I could hit pan :(
Lols congrats on hitting pan. I have yet to still hit pan on my lipsticks.
Agent Elle said…
Congrats, Gabs! The only products I'm hitting pan with are my Cover FX powder, MAC Studio Careblend, and maybe 5 glosses at the max.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Jennifer and Shanice: You'll hit pan one day, I thought I'd never get there :)

@Agent Elle: Thanks...Tweet/text me more about the Mac Studio Careblend, good to know you're making a dent in your HUGE lip gloss collection! I'm proud of you girl.
nana said…
i love all those lipsticks! my favorite one is plink, im almost done with it!
i've yet to try these lipsticks, thanks for the swatch.. they are lovely colours!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Glad you liked the swatches, thanks for commenting :)
MizzShake said…
I finally hit pan on my MAC Mineralze SPF 15 foundation :)
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Go girl! That's an achievement, it's very hard for me to hit pan on foundation.

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