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The Makeup Show NYC: The Haul!

Part of the excitement of makeup trade shows are the products, this year, I picked up quite a few things. I made a list of everything that I wanted, but; you know how that always end up getting a few extras that weren't on your list.

Let me just say I love makeup (as you already know), so; I was extremely excited about EVERYTHING I purchased...let me warn you that I overuse the word excited in this post way to much. This show was like a buffet of makeup and of course I had to overindulge! I know I didn't need half of the stuff I bought but it was the thrill of it all!


Inglot was my first stop at TMS. They had a 30% off discount the same as they did last year at IMATS. They debuted some new body pigments, I passed on those since I already have so many pigments. I bought a small palette this time, consisting of four colors, last year I bought my 10 pan Inglot palette and I bought all shimmers in a rush...this time I took my time and bought all matte colors.

I wanted a true red and silver shadow and the other two colors were colors that I had to have in my stash. As usual, I love the pigmentation and ease of applying these shadows...they still remain my fave shadows to date.


OCC liptars are one of my product staples for my personal use. At their booth,  I saw their new lip tars from their spring collection plus their regular originals collection. I picked up Kava Kava (peach neutral) from their Spring 2012 collection and Trollop (cranberry pink). I really like the smaller squeeze tip on the lip tars, it allows you to take less product.


I was really excited that Nars was at TMS, this meant that I could finally get my Exhibit A blush that I've been wanting for years... of course they ran out of it on the first day and I had to come back the next day (Monday) to get it. It's finally mine!

It appears like a true red on the website, but; it's actually a reddish-orange. I really love Nars blushes, one swipe is all you need, this is my third Nars blush and they last forever!


After hearing so many good reviews on Magnolia Makeup, I couldn't wait to try their pigments. They also had a new spring collection of pigments for purchase, in addition to their regular collection. I bought the Big Chief pigment from their new collection, it's a gorgeous royal blue and I bought some gold glitter.

I was surprised that their pigments were $10 because I'm really not used to paying that price for pigments, but; I quickly got over that once I saw their selection of colors, not to mention one of the owners was wearing the Blue Chief pigment and it looked amazing on her.


I was very excited to see the Kissable Couture booth (I was excited about every booth)! I'm a big fan of AJ Crimson (who co-owns Kissable Couture), plus I've been checking out Kissable Couture for years, but; their lippies are on the high price end, so; I couldn't buy them like I wanted. When AJ announced on Facebook that he was going to have his spring collection of lipsticks on sale, for half off, I knew I had to stop pass their booth.

We visited their booth on Monday about an hour before the show closed and they dropped the price down to $6 for glosses and $7 for lipsticks, more than half off of the orignial price! My friend and I bought all that we could, lol. I bought two of the Agent 007 lipsticks (I bought the last two that they had) from his spring collection and four glosses. Some of the glosses are sheer and some are really pigmented, like a lipstick. I can't wait to see how they perform.


I've been hearing a lot about Model in a Bottle and how great it is for setting makeup, so that it lasts all day. It's been talked about a lot on You Tube and it's even created a buzz with celebrities like Oprah and Tyra. I've been checking it out forever, I picked up a bottle of the original formula at the show...I will definitely be reviewing this one I've used it a few times.

From left to right: Model in a Bottle and Parian Spirit.

I asked several MUA's on Twitter what they used to clean their brushes effectively, since I was always running out of my brush cleaner and almost all of them said they use Parian Spirit when they're on a job. Parian Spirit makes the claim that you can use it at a makeup job to disinfect and clean brushes while in between also claims that it dries the brushes fast so that you can use the brushes for the next client, all within a matter of minutes. Needless to say, I bought a small bottle of it at the show to test out its claims


I really hadn't planned to buy any glitter, honestly, I've never experimented with it as far as makeup is concerned because I know it can be messy, but; my friend wanted to stop at Glimmer Body Art and they had these gorgeous glitter pots and they were so cheap only $2.50 each or 5 for $10, I couldn't resist and I'm so happy that I purchased them! You really get a bang for your buck with these glitters because the company doesn't skimp on product, these pots are filled up to the very top and they have glitter in every color.

Of course I had to get more lashes, I stopped by Kiss and picked up a few pairs. 


More importantly, I picked up every magazine and material that I could get my hands on that offered more training, education and inspiration for MUA's like myself. On Makeup magazine is really a great magazine that every MUA should have, it has tons of editorial makeup pictures that you can pull inspiration from, it has several interviews with major MUA's who offer their advice and lots more. It's a must read :-)


Jennifer said…
Great haul and I'm glad you got to go to this event! Swatches look great. Can't wait to see LOTDs with these!
Agent Elle said…
Everything looks fabulous! I am really feeling that Kissable Couture gloss (Tyler). Agent 007 looks pretty sweet too!

I am definitely going to plan to go next year!

Would you say this was better than IMATS?
Ms. Viva Glam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@Jennifer: Thanks, girl! I'm planning some LOTD's now.

@Agent Elle: Thanks, Lynnie...the Tyler lip gloss looks like something you would like :-)

It's hard to say, I really loved IMATS...TMS gets a few extra points because it caters specifically for professionals in the industry, plus I loved the extra exhibitors they offered.

If I had to choose just one to go to next year, it would be TMS.
I didn't know you lived in New York.... how cool. I passed when they were here in LA but I plan on going to IMATs this summer.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
I wish I lived in NY! I live in MD, close to DC. I took a weekend trip to NYC for the show.
La said…
Lovely! I'm jealous!!! Lol! I always miss the makeup shows... :( The closest one to me is Chicago... I'm going to make it my business to go next year!!!

I want some OCC liptars so bad, and the colors you got look awesome! And I want that glitter too! :)
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Make sure you go next year, I promise you won't regret it!

Get some lip tars...they're really addictive. OCC has sales every now & then where you can get them for $8. The glitter is really cheap, it's $2.50 a pot on their website too.
Sharon said…
nice haul honey,love everything. hope u r well
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks, Sharon!

I'm well, how about you?

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