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Spotted at the Drugstore...Iman BB Cream!

*I wrote this post in January, Blogger decided to repost it again (shrugs). Check out the review below this post. *

I made my biweekly visit to Walgreen's, which happens to be a store that I can never go in and buy one item, mainly because I always browse their makeup aisle...they always have brands that you don't normally see in drugstores. While browsing, I saw the new Iman BB creams for women of color! I read that Iman was going to launch her BB creams soon, I just didn't know when.

I was so happy to see the display. I must have stayed in front of this display for at least 10 minutes reading the display and looking at the shades. The cream comes in 6 shades, while browsing; I noticed the smaller bottles on the right, they are sample colors of the BB creams to swatch, which makes choosing your shade so convenient! I wished all makeup displays could do the same thing. I swatched all of the colors just to be sure until I found my right match.

As I was swatching, the two colors that came close to my complexion were Clay Medium & Clay Medium Deep. Clay Medium really was a great match, I kept swatching looking for some beige undertones, even though brands will make claims for WOC- the product will still have beige undertones in the darkest of colors, which causes me to buy two shades to mix together to get my match. I was pleasantly surprised, the color that matched me had no beige undertones at all, only a yellow undertone which fits perfect for my color is Clay Medium. 

I took it to the register since there was no price on the display and it was $19.99. I haven't bought a BB cream before, so; I really didn't know if that was cheap or expensive, but; $20 & under is usually the going rate for Iman cosmetics. Once you open the box, it comes in a sleek brown bottle with a squeeze top for using just the right amount of product. So far, I'm liking this cream...I will wear it a few times before I give my full review.

FYI: Just in case you're looking for shade comparisons, my shades are:

-Mac NC44 and C6/7
-Mufe 173
-Maybelline Fit Me 320
-L'oreal True Match 6.5
-Black Opal Rich Caramel

What do you think of BB creams? Have you or will you try a BB cream?


Agent Elle said…
I bought the Maybelline version last week. It's my first

I keep hearing though that the U.S. BB creams are different from the original Korean versions. I don't see the Maybelline replacing all the things the bb creams are supposed to replace. But I like it.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
I heard the same thing too, supposedly some BB creams are not actually BB creams because all of them don't provide spf, prime, moisturize & even the skin.

I say whatever works for you, keep using it.
Agent Elle said…
OH yeah. I've only used it a couple times in the last week, so we'll see if it actually does something for my skin. I do like it though. I may have to check out Iman's. I guess my shade would be one of the ones on the back right.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Let me know how the Maybelline works for you.

You may be the Iman Earth Medium or Earth Deep.
Phyllis Bourne said…
I've been looking at ordering this creme, but was unsure of which shade to try. Your post cleared it up for me because we have very similar coloring. Looking forward to your review.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Glad I could help you out Phyllis!
I was just at Ulta here in LA where I live and they had a lot of Iman products but not the BB creams, I wonder why, maybe i'll check Walgreens and see what they have.
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Walgreens, Target and Walmart also sells her products too.
sharon p said…
Wanna try this,how's it working on u hun? I'm like nc47ish in mac am guessing clay medium deep may be the one in her foundations I can be clay3 . Please do a fotd w the bb cream thanks :D
Ms. Viva Glam said…
It works great, Sharon. It has a decent coverage for a bb gives me a dewy glow.

I think Clay Medium Deep is the color for you, I will do a review and a fotd with it.
Anonymous said…
I have the Iman bb cream, i love it the coverage is perfect. BUT, it is breaking me out.
Anonymous said…
Which do you prefer, mac face and body c6 or the Iman bb creme?
I can't decide which to get and as a student can't afford to purchase both.
Your help would be greatly appreciated! :) :)

Ms. Viva Glam said…
I would suggest the BB cream, it has skin care benefits and it's cost effective...only $20. The foundation is great too but you can move up to that once you're ready.

Let me know how it goes!

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