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The Makeup Show 2014 Recap + Haul (Pic Heavy)

Hey, Dolls!

The Makeup Show NYC was a blast, as always. For those who may not know, The Makeup Show is an annual trade show held in select cities for makeup professionals and the like to learn of new products, partake in workshops to perfect their craft and to also shop for beauty and makeup products with discounts up to 40% off.

This year, I went on one day, which was Monday. It was still crowded but not as it normally is on Sunday. We arrived around noon time, so that gave us till 5 to shop, meet and mingle. I went with my friend and fellow makeup artist, Stephanie Patterson.

Any words highlighted in pink, are links to click more info about the person/product or site.

Me & Steph

Anyone see Celebrity Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks towards the left? I tried to meet her but I wasn't able to...

Character Makeup

We Met...

Me & Kym Lee at the Crown brushes booth...

As always, we met quite a few fellow makeup artists and gurus. I had the pleasure of meeting, Celebrity Makeup Atist Kym Lee. I follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She's very down to earth and gorgeous in person. She also owns her own makeup line, Wink and Pout. It's always nice to meet fellow artists who are in my area, like Kym Lee who have accomplished so much in the industry. She's a true inspiration!

Towards the end of the show, we met Lauren (bka) the Queen of Blending. I have been following her on You Tube for years, I love the bold looks that she does. It always seems like she has never ending creativity. I've seen the Queen of Blending at several makeup trade shows before, but; she always has a crowd or line around her...this was the first time I could meet her :-).

We learned...

We were able to take two classes in the afternoon. The first class was called "Pearls of Wisdom" and it was taught by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Emmy Award winning, Eve Pearl.

She showed us quick demos on how to perfect face makeup. She used people from the audience, two women and a man for her demos. She used her infamous salmon concealer to cover up the color and darkness of the man's beard. I loved seeing that in action!

Eve Pearl demonstrating the reverse contouring method...

Eve Pearl corrector the darkness from his beard with her salmon concealer...

I also learned that Eve Pearl firmly believes in the reverse contouring method, which she demonstrated in the class. She takes two foundations, one light and one darker and applies each of them on one side of the foundation brush. The lighter shade is applied to the eyelids and above the jawline. The darker shade is applied to the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. When she did it in class, it looked seamless...nice and even coverage that wasn't flat looking.

I will admit, this method is contrary to the traditional way of highlighting and contouring, but; that's what classes like that are about, learning new tips and tricks. I want to try this method on myself first, before I attempt to do it on clients. Click here for a link on the reverse highlighting and contouring method.

The next class, we took was hosted by the Alcone Company. Koren Zander (aka) Enkore conducted this class. Enkore showed us several of Alcone's new and best selling products. He showed us the proper way to use all of the products.

Giveaways from the Alcone workshop...

All of the attendees in the class received free samples of the Alcone makeup remover wipes and the new Skindinavia face primer mist! I've used both since the show and I'm really impressed.

The Skindinavia Face Primer works really well. It's very easy to use because it's a spray and my makeup lasts the whole day when using it. I also won one of Enkore's lavender brush soaps. I have yet to use the brush soap yet, I may review it on a later post.

My Haul...

This year at the show, I bought things mainly for my kit. When I went to The Makeup Show last year, I said I wanted to revamp my makeup artistry kit and I did. My kit has been upgraded and with the exception of a few color correcters and powders, it's just about done! Here's what I bought...

Bdellium Tools and Crown Brushes

Last year's makeup show was the first time that I tried Bdellium Tools brushes and I really like them. They are really affordable and they get the job done. I realized I needed more blending brushes and I had no pencil brushes.

I bought two blending brushes, two pencil brushes (1 for me), one angled brush and another square lip brush. I bought six brushes and paid $30. Crown Brushes was at the show as well, their brushes are good quality too and really cheap. I bought another pencil and blending brush, it came to $7.

Parian Spirit

I tried the small Parian Spirit 2oz spray cleaner at the makeup show last year. I finished it up, so; I bought the 8 oz cleaner and another 2 oz spray cleaner. The 2 oz spray cleaner is good for cleaning brushes quickly and it dries quickly, this is really helpful when you need clean brushes ready in between clients.

I also bought some disposables from Dante's Disposables. I got the curved mascara wands and the non latex sponges. I bought a Ben Nye Neutral set powder from Nigel's Beauty Emporium....I heard that it's good for setting makeup for lighter complexions and for mattifying oily skin.

Auraline Beauty & Cinema Secrets

I bought some shadows from Auraline Beauty (a privately owned makeup company). Auraline Beauty had all types of makeup, the good thing is that they had swatches for me to test their shadows. The pigmentation is awesome and the prices are really cheap. They had a sale of five for $10 but I bought seven shadows. I also bought some matte shadows from Cinema Secrets. Their shadows were $1 each.

Top Row: Cinema Secrets Matte shadows; Bottom Two Rows: Auraline Beauty shadows

Cinema Secrets Matte swatches

Auraline Beauty Swatches from left to right: Peachy, Ultramarine, Pearl Glo, Aqua Blue, Raisin Shimmer, Royal Blue and Gold Beige

LA Pro Girl Concealers

By now everyone has probably heard all the rage of LA Pro Girl concealers. If not, they are light weight, crease resistant, opaque coverage concealers for the low price of $1.99 per tube. There are 18 shades available in a variety of tones from the lightest to the darkest.

I had planned on purchasing several colors at the show, but they ran out of a lot of shades. I ended up buying five shades in: Pure Beige, Medium Beige, Nude, Cool Tan and Beautiful Bronze. A friend told me that they sell them at a Beauty Supply store in my area, so; I went there and bought: Warm Honey, Fawn (great for highlighting) Toast and Dark Cocoa.

These concealers are worth the hype, (to me) the tubes are small but you don't need a lot and it provides a medium coverage. It works so well to cover my dark circles. I don't have any swatches, but; click here to see a listing of the swatches.

That was it in a nutshell...I left the show with a nice sized haul, new tips and tricks that I learned and lots of inspiration!


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