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Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Yay!!! I've been officially blogging for 1 year. I started blogging exactly 1 year and 1 day ago on February 18th, 2010. I really wanted 75 followers for my blogaversary and I got exactly that... I didn't think I would have any followers if any when I started this blog because there are so many other beauty blogs out there and I didn't think people would be interested  plus I didn't go "live" with my blog until about 2 months after I started writing posts... but YOU ALL (my lovely followers) have proved me wrong!

There are so many more things in store for my blog and some changes, I'm always thinking about ways to improve the content of it (pictures, giveaways, layout, posts, grammar, research, etc) but the changes will be for the better!

I have some of the nicest followers and I'm so happy that you all are so supportive ! You all are the best :)

Thanks SO much to all of you!

Stay Beautiful & Glamorous,

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Happy Blogaversary Gabriel! I've really enjoyed your posts even though I'm one of the newest followers!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Aww, thanks Lady K! I hope you continue to enjoy the posts and thanks for being a follower :)
KrispyTinCan said…
HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY GABRIEL! I'm so happy for you. I really like your blogs and you personally.
npc6693 said…
Happy Blogaversary!!!!
Felicia said…
Happy Blogversary!! I just recently found your blog 5 days ago and I really like it!!
Ms. Viva Glam said…
@ Krispy: Thanks, you're always sweet. I'm mailing off your giveaway package this week.

@ Npc6693: Thank you! I appreciate the support.

@Felicia: Thanks. I'm glad you really like my blog. I hope it continues to interest you :)
Sher said…
Happy belated Blogavesary my dear,recently discovered u blog and I love it. Wishing many more years to come
Ms. Viva Glam said…
Thanks Sher! I'm a big fan of your blog too :)

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