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My Fave Things of 2017! Fashion, Books, Hobbies, Beauty and More!

Hello Dolls,

2017 is coming to a rapid close, in just a few days! I've compiled a list of my favorite things that I've been loving all year. Read on, for the details!


1. Lilly's Kloset- Lilly's Kloset offers some of the most fashion forward clothing and accessories that I've bought within the year. My most trendiest clothing and shoes of 2017 have been purchased from Lilly’s Kloset. I bought the Multi Color Sequins Cardigan that I wrote about on a previous post from there.  Every time I think I’m going to do good and save some money, I get an email from her with a discount code. Did I mention I’m on her VIP email list?!

2. I love love love Forever 21! I can always get a  trendy, decent outfit for $25 or less, or more when I want to splurge. Their online sales are crazy, I know for at least four months straight, I was driving to the F21 store near me picking up packages that I had sent to the store. They're so addictive! I bought the One-Shoulder Jumpsuit that I wore in my last OOTN post from F21. I'm plus size and they have a decent plus size selection, particulary online.

3. HSN- I've fallen in love with HSN! At one point, I was checking the HSN website every night before I went to bed for the daily specials, and for the new items added. Flex Pay is definitely my friend; I don't buy anything off of HSN without selecting the Flex Pay option! Some of my favorite designers on HSN are Iman and Nene Leakes. I bought the Asymmetric Poncho that I wrote about on my blog from the NeNe Leakes collection.


1. Adult Coloring- I've been into Adult Coloring for over a year now. I happened to be shopping in Target and saw their small coloring journal (pictured) and thought let me try this out. I also picked up some colored pencils and fine line markers. I started coloring and the rest is history! My coloring book and coloring book supply collection has tremendously grown. My favorite Adult coloring books right now are Romantic Country 2 and the Golden Girls coloring books.

2. Word Searches- I stumbled upon word search books in a Dollar Tree one day and bought a couple. I've been hooked. As with the Adult Coloring, the word search books help to get my mind of my problems and de-stress. Plus, it's a great way to keep me occupied when I'm waiting, instead of scrolling through my phone. My favorite word search books are the Woman's Day books because they have recipes and household tips.

I've been an avid reader since I was a kid; but, as I get older, I don't have as much time to read like I want, or I always feel guilty when I'm reading because I'm thinking about all the other things that I could be doing. This year, I got back into it!! I read almost everything. My favorite titles this year have been women's empowerment and inspirational books.

From left to right: Born Fierce, Free your Mind Journal, One Choice, Choose Happiness; and She Wins!

1. Born Fierce: How to Unleash the Confident Woman Within by Taria Pritchett: The ultimate confidence manual for any woman! My full review can be found here.

2. Free Your Mind Journal by Siohban Sudberry: Has journal prompt questions and coloring pages to express yourself, help you gain clarity; and self reflect.

3. One Choice, Choose Happiness by Angela Irwin: A thirty day happiness guide to inspire you to choose happiness; and help you eliminate behavior and thoughts that erode happiness. I'm reading this now, my favorite chapter right now is Control Your Emotions; which has been an issue for me all year.

4. She Wins! by Andromeda Raheem: A guide for women to inspire, encourage, and gain a winning mindset. Excellent book! The lessons on how to cope with the loss of relationships, and not indulging in a self pity party are my personal fave.

Women's Empowerment

I've been on a personal empowerment journey for some time now. I'm aware of the woman I am now, and I have a vision of the woman I want to be; and my goal is to close that gap. The woman's empowerment journey has really helped me to do this. I will admit, it's not easy; and probably easier to give up than keep trying, but, I'm worth it...and so, I continue on the journey. Below are three sites that have really helped me on the journey. Do yourself a favor, and subscribe to their newsletters; or, at least follow them on Instagram.

1. Unleash Your Fierce: Taria Pritchett is a great confidence coach! I've been following her for a year now, and don't regret it! She helps women to release the baggage, release the past, and get yourself together!

2. Be Free Project: Siohban Sudberry’s mission is to help you get unstuck and gain clarity! Her newsletters, and podcasts are wonderful to help you challenge any negative and limited beliefs, so that you can get your mind right to do the things you really want to do, but may be afraid to do.

3.Women by Choice:  Oh how I love Andromeda Raheem, OMG! I really wish she lived in my head; she would squash any negative thinking before it even began. There have been far too many times that I have logged on to Instagram and saw a post from her and it's what I needed to hear. She encourages women to gain a winning mindset and truly support each other "so that we all can win"!

Beauty and Skin Care

Juvia's Place- Ya'll know I'm not a stranger to buying makeup, I buy from almost any brand; but, this year, my coins having been going to Juvia's Place throughout the entire year. Their eyeshadow palettes are simply gorgeous, generous in size, highly pigmented; and reasonably priced. I normally buy their eyeshadow palettes...I also bought both of their blush palettes, they are made of the same great quality as the eyeshadow palettes!

From left to right: Zulu palette and Saharan II palette

Saharan Palette

From left to right: Saharan Blush palette I and Saharan Blush palette II

Avon Skin Care-

I've been an Avon Rep for the last two years; and I been loving several of their skin care products, amongst others. My favorite night time moisturizer is the Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Cream made with black pearl extract. I think it' the best night time cream; it hydrates my skin without being greasy, helps it to retain moisture, and it smells amazing. I've went through several jars this year.


My friends will not be surprised by this album being my favorite music choice! I love Trey Songz (insert several heart eye emojis here, lol)!!! Although, my fave album from him is the Ready album, the Tremaine album is number 2. There are so many albums being released every year, and the majority of them are in the pop and hip hop’s nice to switch it up, and listen to good r'b music. I've been playing this album since I got it in March, my favorite song is "Playboy."

What are your fave things of 2017?
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